Holy Orders of the Stars Prestige Class Conversions/Suggestions (5e)

Holy Orders of the Stars

Re-create the feel of the Holy Orders’ Prestige Classes from the Holy Orders of the Stars sourcebook following these guidelines for your D&D 5e characters! Every Prestige Class from that book is presented here, with suggestions on how to make your characters in the new system feel like your D&D 3.5 divine character! With suggested skills, backgrounds, class features and more, these suggestions will give life to your cleric, paladin, etc. that might have been missing. Read More

  • Memorable Quotes

    Oh, hello, he whispered. My name izh Razhmouf Pingepogget. Are you going to defour me? I thought I might, answered the dragon… Oh good, Razmous sighed happily. Do hurry, ‘fore I fall azleeb. I doan wanna mizh thizh.

    — Razmous Pinchpocket to the red dragon Charynsanth., Conundrum