Supernatural Power: Beast Shape

Beast Shape

Prerequisite: At least as many character levels as the beast in question.

You can reshape your body to assume the form of specific animal chosen when this power is taken. The form chosen can have a level no greater than your total level. This power may be chosen multiple times, but each time a new animal form must be chosen.

You take on the shape of your chosen animal. This works much like the Self-Shaping power, except that you cannot alter your appearance – you take on the same animal shape each time; it is as recognizable as your human form is (and may share certain aspects of its appearance with your human form).

As with Self-Shaping, your equipment is not affected by the transformation. However, with a Difficulty 15 power check your clothes and one item held in each hand can be folded into the transformation. Otherwise your clothes and weapons drop off when you transform.

If you are slain or knocked unconscious while using this ability, you revert to your original form. You gain the Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores of the new form, but retain your own Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. You also gain the new form’s speed and qualities, and you retain your own base combat bonus, saving throws, and skills (modified by your new ability scores).

Beast Shape is fatiguing, with a fatigue save Difficulty of 15. It requires a full-round action to undergo a transformation, during which you can do nothing else. The transformation lasts for one hour per level, but you can make an additional fatigue save to maintain a form for another hour per level.

Unlike with Self Shaping, there is no danger of losing oneself by assuming the Beast Shape.

Time: Beast Shape is a full round action.

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