Supernatural Items: Magic Eight Ball and Mood Ring

Supernatural Item: Magic Eight Ball

The magic eight ball is a d20 specially imbued with the Visions power at pre-set power check 10.

There are two variations of the magic eight ball. The first is traditionally a plastic container painted to resemble an eight ball into which the d20 is submerged in a solution and jostled to receive a result. The other variant and the one preferred by most gamblers is just to roll the d20 to achieve a result.

To activate the magic eight ball just hold a question in mind and jostle the eight ball version or roll the d20 version. The magic eight ball will then display a vague answer to the question being asked. It should be noted this is a vague look at the future as of events at the time the question was asked. The future is mutable. Asking the question multiple times in a short period will only provide a margin of the possible future.

Roll d20 to determine answer:
1 – As I see it, yes
2 – Ask again later
3 – Better not tell you now
4 – Cannot predict now
5 – Concentrate and ask again
6 – Don’t count on it
7 – It is certain
8 – It is decidedly so
9 – Most likely
10 – My reply is no
11 – My sources say no
12 – Outlook good
13 – Outlook not so good
14 – Reply hazy, try again
15 – Signs point to yes
16 – Very doubtful
17 – Without a doubt
18 – Yes
19 – Yes – definitely
20 – You may rely on it

Mood Ring

Masterwork silver ring set with heart shaped diamond and imbued with the Heart Reading power at pre-set power check of 15.

When activated this ring allows the wearer to read the emotions of others. It displays this information by means of the diamond turning a certain color dependent on the person’s emotional state. If the person fails his will save, you get a +3 bonus on the next interaction skill check you make. This check must be made within 10 rounds of reading the targets emotions or the bonus is lost. As with the Heart Reading power the target does not know you have read his/her emotions.

Primary Colors
Black – TENSE
Green – NORMAL
Blue – CALM
Blue Violet – PASSIONATE

Secondary Colors
Bronze – JITTERS
Purple – CLARITY

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