State of the Nexus – August 8, 2023

Red Dragonarmy Draconian
Red Dragonarmy Draconian

It’s time for some updates here and normally I’m not the guy to do it but I’m filling in. Let’s hope I don’t blow it.

Writing Products:

Coming soon to PoD: Shadow of the Black Rose.

Beginning Layout: Autumn Twilight a conversion of DL 1-5 to 5e.

Writing soon to complete:

The Kaz Project with Richard Knaak. This project is yet to be 100% officially titled but we are about four weeks out from our scheduled date of writing so that we can spend two weeks editing and then off to layout. Anticipated release date should be late Oct-early Nov.

Champions of Krynn: War’s Aftermath. This project will contain not only the first four chapters of the adventure, which will be levels 1-4, but also will include information about what happened after the War of the Lance and how Champions of Krynn can fit into that timeline. It will also include information on the Blue Lady’s War and Death Knights of Krynn. This book will have 30+ magical items, new subclasses, spells, and adventure hooks and ideas for adventuring in the post War of the Lance era. So far we are about 50% complete on this project with a writing deadline of the end of November. Should be released in January.

Future Projects

Sithicus: A dive into Ravenloft and it’s dread domain.

Finally the Dragonlance Nexus is taking the road again. Set your calendars to come out and support us at Gary Con.

John Rhyne, Ed Mekeel, and myself are committed to being there. I’ve already submitted four sessions of Champions of Krynn so if you would like to say hi to us, sit in a game of mine (or who knows what crazy Ed is planning), then stop on down. We might even have some product on hand to look at.

Thanks and may your spice potatoes not taste like the ones I cook.


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  1. Looking forward to Autumn Twilight, not seeing the next book under future projects however. Do you plan on converting the other two as well?

    • Trampas "Dragonhelm" Whiteman

      Yes we do! Winter Night and Spring Dawning will be coming down the pike at a future date. We will let everyone know more once we have more info to share.

  2. Sorry that I’ve been away (personal issues). Glad to see movement in the DL community!

  3. This brought a question to mind. Will we be getting Kirath class stats/mechanics for 5E soon?

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