Spectre of the Black Rose-Inspired Adventure Nuggets

Spectre of the Black Rose Cover Art
  • There are rumors in Nightlund of an uprising among the undead. The undead have become restless and more violent than usual. Most disturbing, however, are rumors of the return of the long absent Lord Soth. Can the heroes travel through the land of the dead to discover the truth?
  • Strange mists have been appearing and disappearing around a strange ancient site of stones. Pale, confused elves claiming to be from the realm of “Sithicus” have appeared with the strange mists. These elves claim to have been under the rule of the missing Lord Soth for countless years! Can the heroes find out if these elves are telling the truth?
  • A rash of strange killings has plagued the city of Palanthas. Men have been found killed by an extremely sharp implement. However, the strangest thing about the killings is that the victims have had their feet sliced off. Stranger still, is a strange madness that has also plagued the city. Many public officials have been driven mad by what they describe as a “Beast.” Many have disappeared already, seen heading to the East.
  • Gale, the successor of Khellendros, has sent several dragonspawn minions out to scout the area around Nightlund. Fascinated by rumors of Lord Soth’s return, Skie has determined to validate such rumors. Rumors of the reappearance of the spirit of Kitiara, the obsession of both Lord Soth and his former master, Khellendros, have also prompted Gale to investigate. However, Gale’s blue spawn minions have terrorized neighboring villages and towns already. Can the heroes stop Gale before the wyrm’s spawn minions destroy every village on Nightlund’s border?
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  1. Been thinking about running this Mod updated for 5e with my PBP group. Not sure in they know anything about Dragonlance but this gives me some great ideas as how to introduce them to one of my favorite settings.

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  • Memorable Quotes

    He’s Palin Majere! Raistlin Majere’s nephew! Usha is Raistlin’s daughter. And this is Raistlin Majere’s half-nephew. I think. Let’s see. Kitiara was Raistlin’s half-sister. Perhaps that would make Steel only a quarter of a nephew –

    — Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Dragons of Summer Flame