Something’s Cooking in Dragonlance

Something's Cooking

Something’s Cooking is a 2nd-level adventure from Wizards of the Coast that pits characters together against a rather…different sort of monster. This adventure is light-hearted in nature and a fun one-shot. Kender, gully dwarves, and gnomes make great player characters for this adventure.

Era of Play

Something’s Cooking is usable at any point in history when the wizard base class and Wizard of High Sorcery prestige class are available for play.

Adventure Background

This adventure is best set outside of a smaller town, one where everyone knows everyone and there aren’t too many wizards. Solace and Haven make likely candidates, though the adventure could take place nearly anywhere.

Adventure Hooks

The following adventure hooks are more specific to the Dragonlance setting and are in addition to those in the adventure itself on page 1.

  • In the nearby town, the local sheriff, busy with other affairs, asks the party to investigate the goings-on. If the adventure is set in Solace, this may take place while Gerard uth Mondar is busy dealing with the Beloved of Chemosh.
  • The player characters meet a gnome whose Life Quest is to create a recipe that all races of Krynn will enjoy. He has heard of the chef, Gendrew, and wishes to copy his recipe book.
  • The Wizards of High Sorcery are concerned that Andolyn might be conducting experiments that violates the tenets of High Sorcery and have asked a wizard player character to check them out.

Rules Items

  • All instances of GP (gold pieces) should be changed to Stl (steel pieces).
  • Andolyn is considered a Red Robe wizard, though she has no levels in the Wizard of High Sorcery prestige class. Revised stats are unnecessary for the context of this adventure. Andolyn is considered a Red Robe, but one who is not as seriously dedicated as other Red Robes, and therefore does not have the same connection to the magic of the moons as other Red Robes do.

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