Entrant in the 2011 Nexus Design-A-Villain Contest

Name: Solomon
Alias: The Dagger
Birthdate: 397 AC
Distinguishing Features: Solomon is a slim Solamnic human male of slight build. He has light brown hair neatly cut very close to his scalp and stands at about 5’6" with steel-gray eyes. Except for his eyes he appears a typical Solamnic, something he finds very useful for blending into a crowd. His near constant training keeps his body in peak condition, but he often hides this under plain brown robes, unless a situation requires him to wear something different. Things he is passionate about can spark a fire in him that can be both terrible and inspiring, but he spends almost all of his time keeping his emotions in check, lest they get in the way of his mission. The one liberty he allows himself is a diary, heavily warded against intrusion, in which he writes almost every day.
Wealth and Social Status: Solomon has no personal wealth except through his contact, DeVauld, from which he gets regular funds for equipment and whatever he needs for his next job. He is a ghost in society, unknown by all but the highest ranking officials.

Bio: Solomon was born a street urchin in the large city of Palanthas with no knowledge of his parents. To survive the harsh, unfriendly environment he was taken in by the local thieves’ guild as a young boy. He took to the guild easier than most, finding his natural agility beneficial. Eventually, while breaking into a house that was supposed to be empty, the residents returned and he was forced to take his first life. He was a natural. Eventually he sought out an assassin’s guild and received intense training, excelling in everything. He became familiar with bows, crossbows, poisons, swords of all varieties; his favorite being a slim but exceptionally sharp rapier. For many years he made a living this way until eventually he was hired to kill the head of a temple to Shinare. He broke in at night to find the man in prayer. Considering himself lucky to have such an easy target, Solomon crept forward to kill the man when he turned around. While not impressive physically this priest was strong in faith and using the divine power of his god managed to immobilize Solomon. He spoke about how he had visions of Solomon and the good Solomon could do the world if he gave up his profession. He spoke to Solomon’s soul, a longing for something greater, knowing that he had some purpose in the world. The priest, whose name he would learn was Brother Marl, had convinced Solomon to stay and learn more. The two men slowly became friends and Solomon had completely given up his old life to live in the temple. Until one day a mob formed outside the church, protesting its wealth while the people were poor. Incited by an anarchist who wanted the people of Solamnia to be free, the mob burst down the door and killed the priest, who refused to defend himself from these poor people. In a grief stricken rage, Solomon had no such qualms. He killed several of the peasants before the rest fled, leaving him alone with the body of his dead friend. Eventually a man approached the temple, and identified himself as a servant of Solamnia. The man, a spy named DeVauld, knew of Solomon’s skills, and told him where he could direct his anger. Solomon was given the location of the anarchist who had caused all his grief, and he snuck into the man’s house and, feeling neither joy nor remorse, killed him. DeVauld approached again the next day, saying he had a proposition. There were many out there who would see Solamnia fail, and the only way for the country to meet these threats was to be strong from the inside. Anyone opposed to Markham’s rule was a traitor and would destroy their country, unless they had someone to quickly and quietly silence them. In his time at the temple Solomon had found the importance of unity, strength, and commerce, and so, to keep Solamnia strong and supposedly to honor the memory of his fallen friend, he accepted. He became one of several agents working hard to silence dissent in Solamnia. Known only to the highest in Markham’s regime, his codename was The Dagger. Through Devauld he receives the name and location of anyone that is believed to be an enemy to the State. He has the full backing and resources that the government can provide, but only through his contact. Solomon is dangerous because he works in the complete knowledge that his cause is just. Anyone caught in the way, even the innocent or local police, is a casualty of war, regrettable but necessary. Any opponent to Markham’s strength and Solamnia’s unity is his enemy, although barely any know of his existence. There are rumors of so called "Death Agents", but never any proof. When working he makes regular use hired thieves or assassins to use as distractions or to make the deaths look like they were part of a robbery gone wrong.

“They would call me a monster, I know they would. But if they had an infected limb and their life was in danger, wouldn’t they cut it off? Wouldn’t they take the pain and the suffering so that the whole might live? This is all I do. I remove what is infected, what would bring our society crumbling around us, so that the rest might live in peace. I bring unity to this country, and unity brings strength. That’s all that will keep us from being stomped under a minotaur’s hoof or again under a Dark Knight’s boot”
—From the Diary of Solomon

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