Solamnia Mourns Loss of Famous Artist

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 31, 426 AC

It is with great sorrow that the Herald announces that on the 26th day of Gildember the famous Solamnic painter Keith Parkinson passed away. His family and friends were with him until the end. The famous artist had been struggling with an illness for months, a battle which Keith Parkinson lost.

Keith Parkinson became famous throughout the continent for his overwhelming talent with a pencil. He knew how to capture a moment in history and put it on canvas with an extraordinary eye for detail. Among his most famous pieces are “What Do You Mean, We’re Lost?” which depicts a group of draconians, and his vivid portrayal of “Lord Soth’s Charge” but Keith Parkinson created masterpiece after masterpiece, most of which now decorate the halls of noble Knights of Solamnia.

In his all too short lifetime, Keith Parkinson painted hundreds of paintings and a small collection of those will be part of an exhibit next week in the newly erected Hall of Culture. This exhibit is a tribute to the artist who was respected by many, loved by all.

Master Parkinson, you will be sorely missed here at the Herald.

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