Sir Julius Kinsaid

Entrant in the 2011 Nexus Design-A-Villain Contest

Name: Sir Julius Kinsaid
Birth Date: 6 SC
Distinguishing Features and Mannerisms: The most notable feature about Julius Kinsaid is his lack of distinguishing features. Most people find him unmemorable to the point of being unable to describe him, which suits Julius’ purposes just fine. He is a human man 5’10" and 190 lbs. His hair is between blond and brown, and is just starting to go gray. His eyes are brown, and he is fair-skinned. He has a wiry rather than heavily muscled build. As a dark knight, he sported a small beard and mustache, but after the War of Souls shaved them off.

Julius feels a mild contempt for most people he meets, although few would suspect it. He possesses a knack for being quiet without seeming to be reserved or aloof. When he was a squire, his trainer once wrote that he had never had a student who was so unprepossessingly driven. He simply refused to fail, but also refrained from the bragging of other squires. He can be quite charming when he wishes, but usually feels such stratagems are beneath his dignity.
Wealth & Social Status: During the reign of the Dragon Overlords, Julius was the illegitimate, but acknowledged son of the Lord Knight of Palanthas. He became a Lily Knight, and was respected in the ranks. Currently, Julius is a wealthy and successful merchant based out of Alsip. His past as a dark knight is not publicly known.

Bio: Julius was born in Palanthas and fostered in Jelek. Like many of the Knights of Neraka, he scorns the notion of nationality and considers himself a citizen of the world. His father is Sir Elstone Kinsaid, the former Lord Knight of Palanthas. The elder Kinsaid truly loved his son, but thought he’d be better off raised away from Palanthas and all of Neraka’s enemies. Julius never knew his mother, who died when he was very young. He has a cordial but distant relationship with his father’s sister and her family.

As a Lily Knight, Julius was a true believer in the cause, dedicated to bringing order and one law to all of Ansalon. After the War of Souls, he became disillusioned in his fellow knights, and left the knighthood to reinvent himself. Leaving his past behind, he courted a wealthy merchant’s daughter in Alsip and married her. Soon thereafter, her father had an untimely accident, and Julius and his wife inherited the business. Julius is fond of his wife in his own way and treats her well; but he certainly doesn’t love her. She, of course, suspects nothing. As of yet, they have no children.

The former dark knight doesn’t seek the return of the Knights of Neraka to power; that’s no longer possible. Julius has a new calling, a new life mission. He wants revenge. He has compiled a list of 100 names, one hundred people who have, in his opinion, through open defiance or treachery stymied the Knights of Neraka in the past. A few of the names would be recognized: Palin Majere, Ulin Majere, Linsha Majere, the Lioness, the Scarecrow, Aline Wrackham, Madoc ap Westhos, Lucy Torkay, the Silver Fox. Others would be only be known by those with access to the most secret documents of the dark knights. All of them will be destroyed, if Julius is successful. And he has always been successful.

Julius does not work alone. He has compiled a secret cabal of seven dark knights who feel as he does. They helped him to compile the list, and they each have claimed a portion of the list, the names of those they will murder.

There is one name, however, that the other knights know not to touch. She is at the top of the list, and is the one most despised by Julius, for he knows she betrayed his father, Elstone Kinsaid, and worked to undermine the Knights of Neraka in Palanthas at every turn, though few suspected at the time. She is the new Head of the recently reinstated Conclave of Wizards, Lady Jenna of Wayreth. Julius will save her for last, and then he will see to it that she dies at his hand…

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