Samantha’s Dragonlance

Samantha's Dragonlance
Sign crafted by Jesse Garland.

My wife is a lifelong fan of the Dragonlance series. She had started collecting the books and now has every book that’s been released so far. She has comics and calendars and the board game. I have found a few books that were signed by the authors for her, but I always felt she needed something that nobody else has.

I sat down looking for ideas and started with the logo. I found pictures and artwork, but that’s all stuff that other people have or made… then I said to myself, “Well if they made it, I too can make something!”

I went back to the logo. I initially thought I would write “Samantha’s Collection,” but I feel this is more than just a collection; it’s her world. It’s her Dragonlance.

I found a clear piece of wood, carved it, then took a torch to make the grain pop. The results are just killer! Little bit of lacquer and some hangers, and she now has a one-of-a-kind sign for her collection that nobody else has!

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