Rumblings Heard in Dwarf Towns

My dearest Herald:

I have some interesting news from the dwarves. Two weeks ago, something unusual happened in several of the underground areas that dwarves inhabit. In each instance, a deep rumbling through the underground lasted for five minutes or more, then all light sources, including fiery forges, went out. As the dwarves tried to decide what to do next, a strange fluttering sound echoed throughout the underground areas. As dwarves watched, a stream of glittering beings with wings swarmed through every tunnel of every part of their underground world, leaving behind a sparkling, glittering display of beautiful art. Even the most vile of dwarves stood in awe of the scenes that decorated the walls in front of them. Some art showed a lovely purple winged being healing the wounded with a loving touch. Another showed a horde of winged beings and graceful creatures destroying a chromatic dragon of immense size. Yet another showed a stream of rainbow-finned fish beings recovering ancient treasures from the deep and bringing them to the people in a tree city that could only be Solace. There were too many scenes to detail here, but all of them had a theme of sorts: the vanquishing of evil and the gift of goodness to the world. A purple, winged figure was common to many of the scenes, too.

The dwarves had a full day to wonder and/or deface the scenes before they faded away to nothing. Nothing remains to indicate that anything ever flew through the underground areas that the dwarves frequent, and nothing else similar to this has happened.

I’ll keep an eye out for more such events. I hope to be able to see them with my own eyes for once!

Your faithful servant,

Aelonia Freespirit

About Miranda Horner

Miranda Horner is an editor, website content specialist, designer, and author. She started editing roleplaying games in 1994, and she has worked for TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Malhavoc Press, Super Genius Games, Sword & Sorcery Studios, Kobold Press, Monte Cook Games, Schwalb Entertainment LLC, and other publishers. She continues to edit and write for various game companies and currently serves as the Managing Editor at Steve Jackson Games. Come see what she is working on and what she has worked on in the past.
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