Rise of the Runelords in DragonLance!

rise_of_the_runelordsYou got Pathfinder in my Dragonlance! Are these two great tastes that taste great together? Check out this thread on the Paizo boards about playing Rise of the Runelords in Dragonlance!

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  1. I once toyed with the idea of having the Runelords in Dragonlance. There is a place called the “City of Lost Names” in the Northern Wastes in Solamnia which was ruled by very powerful magic users in the Age of Dreams. Who or what race the ruling “warlocks” were is left vague, but they were so powerful and arrogant that the gods unleashed their wrath and destroyed the city and thus created the Northern Wastes. This happened long before the Orders of Sorcery started, but the example of the city (and it’s dangerous use of magic) did play a role in the Moon Gods later decision to create the Orders. That’s why I didn’t consider the early Orders fighting the Runelords, they would have been long gone. But I did have the High Conclave be aware of the lords existence via the Moon Gods of Magic and thus aware of a probable future threat.

    I thought of making that city the capital and heart of the Runelord’s power and lords themselves the ruling council around a reclusive Arcane Emperor. When the city and surrounding lands where destroyed, the seven lords either fled to hidden enclaves the empire had placed around Ansalon and went into hibernation. Or maybe used the Anvil of Time to escape into the future.

    Dragonlance: Empire of Runes
    Capital: City of Lost Names
    Hidden Points of Power: Last Gaard Mountains (Southern Ergoth), World Cap Mountains (Karthay Island), under the ruined city of Beal (Blood Sea of Istar), Neahila Isle (my own creation in the Northern Sirrion Ocean), in the Wood of Lahue, under the city of Qindaras, and somewhere in the Vingaard Mountains (Solamnia).

    This was a far as I got though. I was just brainstorming after all. 🙂

    • I kind of wonder if the Runelords might work better on Taladas.

      • I think that this would work best during or before the WotL if you were to use this on Krynn. The Tower Wizards are too busy trying to keep themselves alive and running it seems, that or they just don’t give a hoot.

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