Raisin Toast


Ah… the sweet smell of sweet bread in the morning filled with raisins. Of course, this bread is more of a reminder to the Majere Family about a certain frail pruny figure (You do see the resemblance between raisins and Raistlin, have you not?). When customers eat them, they could taste the sweetness of the golden coloured bread, the tangy taste or raisins… remembering how sweet power tastes like.


It is quite unsurprising that the Inn of the Last Home has a lot of variety of food in their kitchen. It happened one night when a group of people are dining in the Inn, feeling quite sombre. At the same time, the delivery of a sack of raisins have arrived and is placed on a basket which will be hoisted up to the kitchen. Tika burst into the door and telling Caramon "Raisin’s arrived into our kitchen". The guests all gasped and became quiet. Caramon looked at them strangely. "What? Do you all want Raisin Toast?". Sighs of relief were heard and the whole inn is bustling with conversations of the great black mage.

What you need:

  • One whisk
  • One whisking bowl
  • One plate with raised rims (specialised to hold liquids. No it’s not a bowl)
  • One Frying pan
  • One spatulla (Or whatever it is called used to flip them with)
  • Some spoons
  • YOUR plate

Food Ingredients:

  • Bread slices (If you fail to figure that out, don’t try cooking)
  • Raisins (If you fail to figure this out, don’t even think about cooking)
  • Eggs (preferably chicken eggs. I wouldn’t want to be burnt to a crisp by a dragon for stealing their eggs)
  • Butter/Margarine
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Sugar


1) Step one, you get some eggs (if you got any dragon eggs, stay far away from me) and crack their contents into a whisking bowl. Add some sugar (one teaspoon per egg) and whisk away at the eggs until the yolk is mixed with the whites properly.

2) Heat the frying pan, put some margarine/butter and as it melts, make sure that the melting liquid is spread throughout the pan.

3) While waiting for the butter and margarine to melt, pour the egg beaten contents into a plate (not YOUR plate – the other one) and then slowly dip the bread onto the egg mix (The bread must be bread slices, not a loaf or a sub, otherwise you’d find cooking a hell lot more difficult). After the two sides of the bread are dipped in, shake a little to clear out any excess liquid, then put it into your waiting Frying Pan.

4) Add a pinch of salt and pepper. Wait for a good thirty seconds or so and flip it. Wait another thirty seconds, putting another pinch of salt and pepper and flip it again. If you noticed both sides are golden brown, then put it in your plate. If not, keep on flipping till either the bread is golden brown, or you burnt it by mistake.

5) You think I have forgotten about the raisins? Sprinkle some on the bread while it is still hot on your plate (for more effect, make an hourglass pattern). If you made two bread, then sandwich the raisins in between them. All you have to do next is eat.

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