Pronouncing the Gods’ Names

Editor’s Note: Throughout the years, there have been many topics on the pronunciation of the names of the gods. The following is a look at how some of the authors pronounce the names of the gods. The newsgroup had responses by two Dragonlance authors on the subject on December 5, 2000. Compiled here are pronunciations from Jeff Grubb (from his original campaign) and Chris Pierson. Also, Tracy Hickman presents his views at the end of this article (taken from the Bronze Canticles boards).

For the official pronunciations of the deities’ names, please see Holy Orders of the Stars.

Pronunciations of the Gods’ Names
Deity’s Name Jeff Grubb’s Pronunciations Chris Pierson’s Pronunciations
Branchala Bran-CHAH-Lah bran-CHA-luh
Chemosh CHEH-Mosh KEH-mosh
Chislev CHIZZ-lev KIZ-lev
Gilean GILL-ee-en GIL-ee-un
Habbakuk Hah-bah-COOK HA-ba-kook
Hiddukel HID-doo-kell HID-oo-kel
Kiri-Jolith Keer-ee-JOE-lith KEE-ree JOE-lith
Lunitari LOO-neh-TAR-ee loo-ni-TAR-ee
Majere Mah-JER-ray mah-JAIR
Mishakal Meh-SHACK-cal mih-SHAK-ul
Morgion MORE-Guy-on MOR-jee-un
Nuitari NWEE-tar-ee noo-ih-TAR-ee
Paladine PAL-ah-dine PAL-uh-dine
Reorx RAY-orcs RAY-orks
Sargonnas Sar-GONE-Us sar-GON-us
Shinare Shih-NAR-ay shih-NAR-ay
Sirrion SEAR-ee-on SEER-ee-on
Solinari SOLE-eh-NAR-ee sol-ih-NAR-ee
Takhisis Tah-KEY-Sis tak-HEE-sis
Zeboim Zeh-BOW-im ZEB-oh-eem
Zivilyn ZIV-ih-lin ZIV-ih-lin

Chris Pierson: … and, for bonus points: (E’li: eh-LYE).

Jeff Grubb: Gilean was originally Gilead, and changed as we moved through the book. Takhisis was Trace’s name for the slot I had held for Tiamat (Draco Cerebus in my cosmology), and Paladine was originally called Draco Paladine, the Platinum Dragon.

Tracy Hickman: I honestly believe that the names are, indeed, pronounced exactly the way you hear them in your head. You are, after all, a big part of the creation of the book you read. The author is an evoker; someone whose words strung together evoke images from our imagination. The creation of the story takes place in your head; a completely unique experience as your imagination takes those words and fills in the white space between the words.

Having said that, however, you probably still want to know how I pronounce these names!

Caramon, for ME, has always sounded like a Jamaican ‘Caring man.’ Thus ‘kara-mon!’

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