Prominent Ship Owner Assassinated

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 17, 426 AC

PALANTHAS – Noble’s Hill was stunned yestereve when the mutilated body of Merchard Forewind, a very successful ship owner, was discovered in the wine cellar of his extravagant mansion. This is the second time in a week a prominent member of Palanthian society has been found dead in what the authorities call “a bestial fashion”, the first one being Lady Mirella Blackstone.

When asked to comment, the captain of the guard was loath to discuss the case. “We can confirm that Merchard Forewind has been found dead and that we suspect foul play. We have some leads which we intend to follow up on. I cannot disclose the nature of those leads,” said the captain.

A widely accepted theory among the citizens of Noble’s Hill is that Merchard Forewind and Lady Blackstone were both assassinated by Dark Knight assassins because of their avid support of the liberators of Palanthas. Both Merchard Forewind and Lady Blackstone contributed to the liberation of the city by providing vital information about the defenses of the city to the Knights of Solamnia. This has caused a sense of fear within Noble’s Hill since many more of the nobles aided the liberation.

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