Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons
Series: 5E Supplements, Book 5
Genre: Gaming Books
Tag: D&D 5E
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Publication Year: Oct. 2021
ASIN: 0786967293
ISBN: 0786967293

What is the difference between a red dragon and a gold dragon? What is dragonsight? How does the magic that suffuses dragons impact the world around them? Here is your comprehensive guide to dragons, filled with the tips and tools Dungeon Masters and players need for their encounters…

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About the Book

Discover everything there is to know about dragons—the most iconic of D&D monsters—in this quintessential reference guide.

Okay, we admit it, we were really excited to see this one pop up in WotC’s release schedule! It appears to be basically the Fifth Edition incarnation of the Draconomicon. So it’s not exactly a Dragonlance book; rather it covers all manner of topics related to dragons in D&D, but it gives Dragonlance a shout-out in the title—quite appropriate and welcome.

Posters at The Piazza have collected some info known (from interviews) to be included in this book which might be of interest to Dragonlance fans:

  • There will be details about Fizban and the War of the Lance. In-character commentary by Fizban will be written by Amy Vorpahl.
  • There will be monster stat blocks for Draconians, but they will not be a playable race.
  • The book delves into a new cosmology for the dragon gods, wherein the same beings “echo” across the various campaign settings with alternate versions of themselves. Presumably this will formalize the connection between Paladine/Takhisis and Bahamut/Tiamat. It also mentions that the various versions can merge back into a single entity.
  • Dragonsight is mentioned as specific thing.
  • Dragons affect the lands around them, possibly related on how they worked in 4E (and in Dragonlance’s Fifth Age).
  • Aspects of dragon gods.
  • Ranger: Gets a drake companion that levels with you.
  • Monk: Can channel dragon abilities like breath weapons, wings, blindsight, etc.
  • Multiple new feats.
  • Feat example: Absorb elements and empower your weapon with it.
  • All feats are combat-centric.
  • Lair and treasure information about each dragon type.
  • Maps for dragon lairs.
  • Age categories for dragon turtles.

WotC also unveiled this stunning alternate cover, available only in brick-and-mortar gaming stores:

Additional Information

Catalog #: C92750000
Print Edition: 1st
Timeline: N/A

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