Principles of the Orders

The following is an excerpt from the Martinian Canons.

The Principles of White Sorcery are the following:

  • The purpose of the magic is to protect the world of Krynn and its people, and to bring it closer to Goodness.
  • The magic should be used for creation and healing, to preserve what is and undo the damage done to it.
  • The magic should be used with restraint, so as not to overwhelm others or cause unnecessary damage.
  • The magic should be used in humility; remember that all on Krynn have their own gifts and their own purpose in the High God’s plan.
  • The magic of Neutrality should be respected, but countered if it leads to deceit or other Evils.
  • The magic of Evil should be countered whenever it does harm to innocents, or cannot be used other than to do harm, even if this means destroying an artifact or spell.

The Principles of Red Sorcery are listed below:

  • The magic has no purpose; it exists for its own sake primarily, and secondarily for the sake of wonder and mystery.
  • The magic should be used for illusion and reshaping, to create wonder and foster respect for the magic.
  • The magic should be practiced with mystery, so as to preserve respect for it.
  • The magic may be used for trickery, to lead people into what is best for the magic without doing harm to them.
  • The magicks of Good and Evil should be respected, but only insofar as they further the magic.

The Principles of Black Sorcery are as follows:

  • The purpose of the magic is to benefit and glorify the mage.
  • The magic should be used for negation, to defeat and destroy whatever stands in the way of the mage, whether that be unfeeling matter, the lives and wills of mortals, or the Order of Creation itself.
  • The magic should be used with grandeur, so as to foster fear or glorification of the magic.
  • The magic should be used with pride; all who wield the magic are meant to rule and dominate all those who do not, or who wield it in the paths of weakness.
  • The magic of Goodness is weak and feeble, but can be exploited on occasion, or the raw power stolen for more useful sorceries.
  • The magic of Neutrality can be useful for a time, but in the end, it relies too much on trickery and concealment, rather than the open shows of power that win a mage true glory.
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