Princes of the Apocalypse Conversion

Princes of the Apocalypse

In the Princes of Apocalypse adventure, the PCs will work on stopping the agents of evil from bringing down destruction of the world upon them.  Presented here are two different takes run in two vary different timelines in Dragonlance.  The first timeline takes place post the Blue Lady’s War and presents a very open approach to the adventure.  Replacing the locations and factions with appropriate ones from Dragonlance.

The second approach is one that looks at Krynn two years before the return of divine magic.  This adventure will have more restrictions in place.  This version will be more challenging to complete and is geared towards a group seeking a harder challenge in stopping the forces of evil. 


More than four millennia before the Cataclysm, one of Reorx’s gnomes stole the Greygem from the heavens, thinking he could use its power to create things never before seen. The Greygem proved to be too powerful for mortals to wield, and the gnome lost his grip on it, and it fell to Krynn’s surface. The Greygem zig-zagged across the world, unleashing chaotic arcane energy, transforming the land and its inhabitants. Thus, the races were born.

 At times, the magic of Chaos would become concentrated into nodes, seeding chaotic energy in places the Greygem touched. These nodes of chaotic arcane energy lay dormant deep beneath the surface of the world, undisturbed, for thousands of years. That is, until the Cataclysm.  After the Cataclysm a cult has arisen that believes that only Chaos is able to free the land.  This cult has settled into this region as believes the Greygem to be trapped in the surface below their dark temples.

Divine Magic Adventure

This version of Princes of the Apocalypse takes place post the Blue Lady’s War around the area of Khur.  The forces of Chaos are seeking a way to destroy the world following the return of the gods. 


In this scenario the adventure will take place around the Khur region.  Below is a table containing chapter references, original location and the replacement location.  Often times the information presented in Princes of Apocalypse can be used with very little changing, you may need to change to landscape of a village to meet the more rocky, scrubland of Khur, but for the most part much of this information can be presented with little changes. 

Chapter Two: Dessarin Valley

ChapterOriginal LocationDragonlance Location
Overall SettingDessarin ValleyKhur
2Red LarchAlek-Khan
3Sumber HillsFoothills and area south of Alek-Khan
3Riverguard KeepAk-Tubal
3The Dessarin RoadThis long forgotten road once was a main way connecting the settlements and led to Thoradin.  Following the destruction of Thoradin parts of the road remain but are in ill repair.  This road connects the towns of Khur together although at times parts of the road disappear.
3Feathergale SpireLocation is in Khalkist Moutains near Alek-Khan
3Sighing ValleyInath-Wakenti
3Sacred Stone MonasteryHurim
3Scarlet Moon HallSantekh
4Temple of Eternal FlameCaverns of the old dwarven nation Thoradin.

Factions of Krynn

The Harpers: The Seven Lords    

Prior to the War of the Lance, Khur was governed by seven independent tribes.  During the war these tribes were defeated by the Green Dragonarmy but a resistance group was formed to help the locals.  While this group is far less active, they remain in the area looking for potential threats that might arise again to upset the balance in the area.

The Order of the Gauntlet: The Knights of Solamnia

The Knighthood has sent representatives to Khur in hopes of beginning formal trade with the tribes.  While they lack political power in the area, they are still vigilant of any possible threats that might be on the horizon.

The Emerald Enclave: Wildrunners           

Even though the Silvanesti Elves are returning to their homeland after the War of the Lance, a few members of the elvish army (the Wildrunners) can be found in Khur keeping an eye on any possible threats that might arise to the north of Silvanesti.

The Lord’s Alliance: The Khan and his local lords

Following the War of the Lance a strong leader rose up to take control of the seven tribes and has given the title Khan.  He and his local lords oversee justice and peace in the area.  Often they are seeking out members of the The Seven Lords to eliminate the threat, although it is not uncommon for a lord to turn a blind eye to that group in times of need.

The Zhentarim:  Remnants of the Green Dragonarmy

Although the Green Dragonarmy itself left the area during the War of the Lance, parts of it remained behind and have fallen into disarray.  These groups although small in nature are controlled by various warlords and for the most part live a life of raiding camps and travelers.

Non-Divine Magic Adventure

This document assumes the characters will begin at 1st level, using the preliminary encounters located in Chapter Six. The adventure takes place in Northern Abanasinia and is centered around the town of Gateway, less than two years before the events of Chronicles. 

Playable Classes

There is no healing magic in this era of the setting (unless a player chooses the Dragonarmies for their character’s faction), so think about how you might compensate for that, perhaps by making healing kits more robust. 

Except for clerics and paladins, any class from the PHB is acceptable. However, the Wizards of High Sorcery police magic pretty hard. Sorcerers might run into trouble since they’d be branded renegades. Plus, primal sorcery is going to serve as one of the main antagonists of the campaign.

Playable Races

The following is a list of races that are fairly commonly encountered in the region in which the adventure takes place. The DM may allow additional options. You can find racial statistics by following this link.

Humans – Knights of Solamnia, Plainsfolk Tribespeople, Sailors, Commonfolk 

Hill Dwarves – Mountain dwarves have sealed their mountain kingdom off from the world. Hill dwarves have several settlements in the area.

Gully Dwarves – I’ve never found them particularly fun to play, but someone might.

High Elves – The elven kingdom of Qualinesti is near here.

Wood Elves – Kagonesti elves also live in Qualinesti, but often are in forced servitude to the high elves.

Half-elves – They’re rare but still a thing.

Kender – They’re everywhere!

Centaurs – They live in and around the haunted forest of Darken Wood.

Gnomes – Artificers from far away Mt. Nevermind but often travel to gather knowledge and materials for their crazy-ass inventions. 

Half-Ogres – Yikes! I know! But they’re big and mean-looking.

Notable Factions 

The following is a list of factions that are more or less common in the region. The adventure leans a bit on the idea that the PCs are working for a larger organization, but it’s not necessary to choose one. Also, if you want to be a part of something else, let’s talk and flesh it out.

Knights of Solamnia – bound to their honor, they strive to serve good and deliver justice. They’re currently not much liked by the commonfolk. 

Hook: Having recurring dreams of chaotic, supernatural weather events and dangerous men and monsters in Abanasinia, you’ve requested that you be allowed to begin your first knight’s quest.

Wizards of High Sorcery – There’s a small school in the region. You’ll eventually get the opportunity to take the Test of High Sorcery. 

Hook: You’ve learned from your master that the Conclave of Wizards is concerned about reports of primal arcane surges in the region. Wanting to prove yourself ready to take the Test of High Sorcery, you’ve decided to investigate.

Seekers – practitioners of a new religion. Some earnestly seek divine knowledge, while others are in it because of the organization’s growing political influence. The Seeker High Council has secretly made a deal with the dragonarmies in a hope of minimizing suffering and preserving their power.

Hook: A delegation from the South, heading for Haven, is overdue. The Seeker High Council has asked that you investigate.

The Forest Master – a mysterious unicorn who occasionally seeks the aid of druids, shamans, rangers and other friends of nature.

Hook: Strange, unnatural storms and an unusually high number of attacks from strange beasts cause the Forest Master to seek your aid. A druid who the Forest Master has worked with in the past has claimed to have discovered a new source of power and is attempting to start a new circle. She wishes you to investigate this claim.

Society of the Scales – a shady-ish organization of merchants who promote trade throughout the region, some of it illicit. Currently, brokering secret negotiations between the dragonarmies and the Seeker High Council. 

Hook: Several trade caravans have been sacked by bandits. You’ve been hired to investigate.

Qualinesti – High elves in the region. They are allies of the Forest Master, but are also concerned for the security of their realm. 

Hook: Wandering monsters, unnatural storms, and the encroachment of bandits into their territory is concerning. More importantly, the Speaker of the Suns is concerned about a Qualinesti dark elf who stole a powerful artifact of Chaos from the vault below the Tower of the Suns. You’ve been sent to retrieve it.

Plainsfolk Tribal Peoples – Tribal folk scattered throughout the Abanasinian plains.

Hook: The strange weather has decimated their crops and livestock, raising concerns about the coming winter. You’ve received visions, presumably from your ancestors, telling you that the solution can be found among the “civilized” folk.

The Hand of Haven – a thieves guild operating out of the Lordcity.

Hook: The guildmaster is worried that a group of female guild members are attempting to overthrow him. Word has come to him that they’ve discovered a powerful new weapon. You’re sent to find it first.

Dragonarmies – It’s still a year or two before the invasion, but they have agents in the area. 

Hook: Word has come down that the Dark Queen is concerned that another powerful force of evil threatens to usurp her conquest of the region. You’ve been sent to investigate the source of this evil and discover how it might be brought under the control of Takhisis. If that isn’t possible, you must end it by any means necessary.


Forgotten RealmsDragonlance
Red LarchGateway
Halls of the Hunting AxeEld Manor
High ForestDarkenwood
Kryptgarden ForestDire Wood
WestwoodDarkenwood Outskirts
WormfordNew Ports
WestbridgeNew Ports
Uthgaardt TribesPlainsfolk Tribes
Old Stone BridgeOld Road Bridge


Prophets of Chaos
Aerisi KalinothSpoiled Qualinesti noble. Discovered Windvane on a visit to Qualinost with her family. Stole it. Was consumed by elemental air. She escaped capture, but was declared a dark elf. She pretends to be an avariel.
Gar ShatterkeelSaifhumi mariner. String of misfortunes have left him bitter. Through fevered dreams and visions, he found Drown buried on a deserted island in the Blood Sea, becoming the prophet of elemental water.
Marlos UrnrayleVain Solamnic noble from Palanthas. Was touched by the Medusa Plague there. Filled with bitterness. Stole Ironfang from the renegade Belize. Seeks to destroy beauty. 
VaniferA phaethon concubine and dancer for the Khan of all Khurs. She discovered Tinderstrike in the Khan’s palace and used its power to escape.
Imdarr Relvaunder (1)Captain Imdarr of the Seeker Guard. An ally of the Knights of Solamnia. He’ll pass on information to anyone friendly to them. Trying to convince Lymmura to take on more political power in Gateway.
Lymmura Auldarhk (1)Kind and compassionate Seeker. A real true believer, she’s loved and trusted by the community.
(2) Kaylessa IrkellMatriarch of the Swinging Sword. She’s concerned about an evil presence at Lance Rock.
(2) GhileedaBarmaid at the Swinging Sword. Reports everything she sees and hears to Justran Daehl (Crushing Wave) at the Helm at High Sun.
(2) Irauhn ThelderStable boy at the Swinging Sword. Reports anything useful to the Howling Hatred
(3) Garlen HarlathurlCynical patron of the Helm at High Sun. 
(3) Justran DaehlCellarer and part owner of the Helm at High Sun. A spy for the Crushing Wave Cult.
(4) Yolantha DreenHuman proprietor of “Mother Yolantha’s Boarding House.” 
(5) Thorsk and Asden ThelornBrothers who jointly run Thelorn’s Safe Travels. Expert craftsmen who make and repair wagons.
(6) Phaendra ChansyrlProprietor of Chansyrl’s Fine Harness. Considered one of the best leather workers in the region.
Other NPCs
Thurl MerosskaErgothian noble. Breeds hippogriffs and giant vultures. Wishes to be emperor. Was seduced into Yan-C-Bin’s service. Followed visions to the Spire. He’s using Aerisi to grow his knighthood.
WindharrowOpportunistic half-elven bard. Loyal to Aerisi only so long as she remains in power.
Miraj VizannOnce a black robe. On the run from renegade hunters. Originally from Khur. Performs weird and cruel experiments.
Bastian ThermanderNerakan sorcerer. Seeking to unseat Vanifer. Only interested in gaining and maintaining power over others.
Elizer DryflagonQue-Talic druid and shaman who found himself trapped in the gray. His mind was warped there, making him easy prey for elemental earth. The Forestmaster is concerned.
Shoalar QuanderilDimernesti sea captain. Jovial but greedy. Using his connection with elemental water to get rich.
HellenraeRaised in Ankatavika. Blinded and orphaned by bandits. She was taken in by monks. She used those teachings to bond with elemental earth. 
Drannin SplithelmAmbitious hill dwarf. Seeks to unite the Neidar and reclaim their place in Thorbardin. Seen as a rabble rouser. He thinks finding Goblinssplitter will allow him to succeed.
GhaldSivak draconian operative for the Red Dragonarmy.
Grumink the RenegadeKlar mountain dwarf. Convicted of murder in Thorbardin. Escaped to the surface. All else is the same.
OrieothBlack Robe necromancer from the ruling family of North Keep.
Wiggan NettlebeeHe’s a wealthy local human rancher who joined the Black Earth.

Scenarios by Character Level

1st – 2nd Level

Into the Wilderness

  • Bears and Bows
  • Haunted Tomb
  • Bloody Treasure
  • Last Laugh
  • Lance Rock

Necromancer’s Cave

3rd Level

Tomb of Moving Stones

New Management*

Missing Delegation

Feathergale Spire

4th Level

Iceshield Orcs (hobgoblins) 

Riverguard Keep

5th Level

The Long Road

Sacred Stone Monastery

6th Level

Scarlet Moon Hall

Curse of the Fire Witch

Temple of Howling Hatred

7th Level

Temple of the Crushing Wave

8th Level

Vale of Dancing Waters

Temple of the Black Earth

9th Level

Dark Dealings in Yartar (Haven)

Temple of the Eternal Flame

10th Level

Rundreth Manor

Fane of the Eye

11th Level

Halls of the Hunting Axe (Eld Manor) 

Howling Caves

12th Level

Plunging Torrents

Black Geode

13th Level

Weeping Colossus

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