Prince Screech

Second Runner-Up in the 2011 Nexus Design-A-Villain Contest

Name: Prince Screech
Other Name: Screchinenstreize, the Blue Philosopher, the True Heir of Khellendros, Enemy of Smalt
Birth Date: 300 A.C.
Distinguishing Features and Mannerisms: He is a male blue dragon with a hunger for power, a keen intellect, a strong devotion to the dead Khellendros, and an obsession with proper manners. His scales are a brilliant shade of cobalt and he is slightly bigger than your average blue dragon, though nowhere near the size of his hero Khellendros. He always walks around with a smirk on his face and stresses to his subordinates the necessity to learn about other cultures, since he believes when you understand a people’s culture; you understand them and the best way to defeat them in battle. In fact it is this attitude of his that has gained him numerous victories over several Solamnic armies. At his heart he is a pragmatic being and has been negotiating with the Solamnics to for his own kingdom in territory that was once the stronghold of Khellendros, where he currently resides, where he has even set up a massive shrine where the body of Khellendros resides. He often takes on a human form, especially when dealing with Solamnic envoys, his form has been described as a attractive young human male with cobalt blue hair and eyes, who wears various fancy cobalt colored clothes. His ultimate goal is the domination of all Solamnia, but he is content with the establishment of the Principality of Screech for the time being, after all, time favors him over his Solamnic opponents who would eventually grow complacent living next to a "tame" dragon. He loves to discuss philosophy, history, political science and economics with anyone and everyone, even metallic dragons, whom he treats like any other guests while they are visiting his domain. He also despises Smalt with a passion, and has always believed that Smalt was unworthy of the position of power Khellendros gave him. He treats his subjects with honor and respect, and thus his supporters have grown, especially amongst human populations and Solamnic nobles who do not agree with the new Emperor. He also accepts failure, but never incompetence from his vassals.

Wealth and Social Status: Screech has done well for himself, setting up the Blue Bolt trading company after the death of Khellendros; he has made quite a fortune with the organization which deals with any cargo imaginable. He has claimed portions of Solamnia of his own, especially those that were affected by Khellendros, while he loves the desert he realizes the impracticality of having a truly thriving desert empire and has so far striven to undo the desert regions Khellendros created, reverting them back into farmland where his vassals have once again begun farming. He has many human vassals which he counts a s very valuable resource. His social standing is improving and the locals have begun to accept this gentleman dragon as a part of the landscape, the fact that he has not yet tried to acquire any more land that what he has already claimed which while notable is not that large, has made the Solamnics second guess their militant stance towards him, with Emperor Jaymes Markham actually opening up negotiations with him.

Bio: Not much is known of his origins before the War of the Lance, when both of his parents and his two older sisters were killed in the fighting. He went into a deep depression after this. Since he was only 48 and thus a child by dragon standards, these deaths left him orphaned and alone. He was taken in by a uncle, who for the most part ignored his strange nephew. He became very reclusive devoting himself to the study of "lesser" beings, in an attempt to make himself feel better. He would often disguise himself as a human child or adolescent and traveled amongst the lesser beings to learn more about them. He grew to have an appreciation and understanding of other cultures, even Kender, which his fellow blue dragons did not understand. He was still too young to take part in the war against chaos, though that conflict did see the end of his uncle. Now truly by himself, he set out on his own. During the dragonpurge he quickly offered his services to Khellendros as a expert in Krynnian culture, and amused Khellendros accepted and thus Screech became a follower of Khellendros, a dragon he would respect and admire even after his death. Following the death of Khellendros a power struggle ensued between Smalt and Screech. Smalt was outsmarted by Screech despite the major age difference. Now Screech has declared himself the true heir to the legacy of Khellendros and has striven to create his new principality of Screech, which he eventually plans to expand into the Empire of Screech which will cover all of Ansalon. Any who discover his true plans are hunted down before they can reveal his true nature to his Solamnic neighbors. His enemies include the Solamnics, even though his negotiations have eased those tensions somewhat. Many goodly factions simply don’t know what to make of him, whether he is a friend of foe, and that plays into his hand. He has numerous friends including the Knights of Neraka, the Minotaurs, the nation of Tyre, numerous blue dragons, and various ogre and goblin tribes. His vassals include a combination of exiled Solamnic nobles, numerous Solamnic common folk, goblins and ogres who he is trying to domesticate, renegade Knights of Neraka, black robed wizards, numerous blue dragons, and even a few Kender communities, he keeps them around because he finds them amusing, and useful as spies, scouts, and with the proper motivation, assassins. His second in command is a female dark elf black robed wizard named Munervana. When all is said and done, he wants to rule all of Ansalon and we will not let anything stand in his way.

Author’s Design Note: A tiny portion of him was inspired by Admiral Thrawn from the Star Wars universe.

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