#147 – “Tips for Running 5E Dragonlance”

I love the podcast Meaghan and thank you for keeping it going and doing such a good job with it. Interesting thoughts in this one. You threw out a ton of ideas and In my opinion, there was some good advice mixed in. However, in general I have to respectfully disagree with most of them because they seemed geared towards making Dragonlance fit in with other generic settings and I feel like, by doing so, you’ve now removed everything that was special and unique about it. I was curious – if you have Kender that don’t steak, Gnomes with inventions that work, mages that don’t need to take the test of high Sorcery- what remaining aspect of Dragonlance do you enjoy? I was genuinely curious about what makes Dragonlance- Dragonlance to you and why you would choose it over a generic D&D game. I hope that question didn’t come off as disrespectful, I have an open mind and am curious of your answer. Thanks as always!

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