The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 3

The days of our lives with Dragonlance

Nice work guys. I like how this episode style varied from Ep. 2 in that you were hitting a massive number of topics throughout the show here and in Ep. 2 you had most of the show dedicated to one big topic in a discussion.

To be clear, I like both methods, and I hope you continue to alternate both styles. It helps give each episode its own flavor and lets more be done with the show as a whole.

Good coverage of the PrCs, by the way, and I have to fully agree with Tal on the issue of technological advancement to prevent the feeling of “All Eras = The Same Era”. Plus it wasn’t like Niles introduced the gun/blackpowder to the setting anyway. So let’s just all blame Ulin and Margaret instead. 🙂

Great job on the 3rd Dragonlance Canticle. It had a lot of information that any DL fan would enjoy. It was news to me the status of Races of Ansalon, thx!

Two things I really enjoyed was “Talinthas presents his State of the Lance Part 1”. Some subjects that he talked about are some key issues I see as well that need to be addressed in the future.

The second was “The Herald – Come to Mage’s Haven…If you can find it.”. Now I really enjoy the history, people and places of Krynn. Little facts of these areas are always welcome. I liked the format of how Mage’s Haven was described and hope this part of the pod cast is a set fixture. Now if I only knew where it was…

Just want to thank for your time into making these Canticle Episodes or all of us. They are a nice add to the DL community.

Awesome show all around. Bill – is it wrong for me to have such a strong mancrush for Tal after only 2 podcasts? All joking aside, I have to compliment Tal for his amazing review of the State of Dragonlance: not only did he deliver what was an excellent and fluid overview of what has happened as of late, but he has made some excellent suggestion on what can be done to improve the current state. I commend him on his ability to embrace the notion of technological advancement, despite his disappointment with the Rise of Solamnia Trilogy, and for making additional suggestions of how technological advancement can further impact this amazing world of Krynn.

The Immortals by Tracy Hickman
Talinthas presents his State of the Lance Part 1
The Scapecast
The Herald – Come to Mage’s Haven…If you can find it.
Dragonlance Adventures – To Prestige Class or Not?
Review – Alliances
Trivia Answer
Preview of forthcoming episodes.

Awesome podcast guys! can wait to buy Immortals. I may have to Order it Through the DragonLanceNexus.

Another Great Herald Episode. liked Dragonhelms ideas on Prestige Classes.
Word of Wisdom provides great trivia, i learn something new every time!

and Tal’s State of the Lance was great, he and i share alot of the same feelings and ideas about krynn’s progression. lets see some GnomeTech, Indoor Plumbing, minor electricity, indoor lighting, permanently enchanted household items and minor steampowered transportation. hot air balloons are possible.

As always i really enjoyed the show, my wife also got home and listened to the show, she is a new dragonlance fan reading chronicals for the first time, and she really enjoyed how you guys perform. Keep it up!


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