The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 2

Welcome to the 2nd episode of the Dragonlance Canticle and our first discussion. Our topic for this episode is Wild Sorcery. We’ll talk about its history, its role in the fifth age, what we’d like to see done now, and where we’d like to see it go. So join Trampas, Bill, Talinthas, and Catherine and take a listen. Then head on over to the Dragonlance forums and continue the conversation or leave a comment below. Enjoy.

Another good show.

Wild Sorcery is a subject very near and dear to my heartand I loved the discussion. One thing, I wold have liked to see is a bit more discussion of the impact the Academy of Sorcery had on wild sorcery both before it’s destruction and after.

As a fan of pre- and post- “5th age” Dragonlance, I never really got into Wild Sorcery nor could I come up with a single example of a Wild Sorceror. Like it was said on the ‘cast, I think this was due to lack of proper novel support. With Margaret and Tracy gone, it seems like the focus of Dragonlance was evaporating and no consistant “world view” was forming. I don’t blame the writers or any one else, I think it was just one of those “things” that happens. This is why the current state of the Dragonlance World is so much stronger. With several strong stories running concurrently and yet (mostly) holding coherence.

I would still love to have a strong wild sorceror character to read about, though.

Althought I don’t play Dragonlance role playing and only enjoy the book, I think this discussion was absolutely fascinating. I am looking forward to future discussions along the same nature. The guest who was all pro-Wild Sorcery was pretty damn cool too: he’s a total ueber fan with zealous energy, but he knows his stuff down pat. I hope he’s involved in the future discussions as well.

This show is awesome. You guys should keep this thing up and keep discussing these kinds of topics. It would be really cool if you guys were to talk about dragons specefically in the Dragonlance world. Keep it up!

Kudos all around. You certainly covered a lot of points about the sorcerers, and many of them good ones. I do hope to see more novel support at some point in the future. The series needs it. *cough*MAGE WAR*cough* Hrm. Excuse me.

Great show. Just needs more cowbell.

Never fear, for dragons are very near and dear to our hearts. 🙂 I’m sure that we’ll really rev up that discussion with Dragons of Krynn comes out.

another really great show. i agree sorcerers should get some time in the spotlight, just picked up the alien sea and the great white wyrm, cant wait to read them. after DoDd.

again great job!


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