Dragonlance Canticle #77 – My Little Dragonlance

After an interesting diversion in which the hosts consider which pony they would be, the team addresses the topic of how to revitalise Dragonlance. Each host presents a plan for how to breathe new life into the setting and reinvigorate the product line. Parallels to other WotC game lines are made, and the hosts debate the viability of a new Dragonlance line (and what that would look like). Underpinning the discussion is the agreed notion that Dragonlance is ‘a tale of friendship set against the backdrop of war’.

The links mentioned in the episode are:

You can send your feedback to or visit the new and improved Nexus at podcast@dlnexus.com.

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon, John, and Tristan.

Dragonlance Canticle #76 – Pet Peeves and things That Make You Go Arr!

Wherein we discuss things we don’t like or just flat-out annoy us about Dragonlance.

Dragonhelm takes off his diplomatic filter. Chuck cracks a smile. Can the end of the world be far behind?

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon, and John.

Episode 75: Fifth Edition Dragonlance

Wherein the Canticle crew look at the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook 5th edition and give some advice on how to utilize the material with Dragonlance.

Episode 74: The Lost Canticles

After a leave of absence to complete epic quests, brush up on lore, and seek out the best in Dragonlance gaming, our intrepid hosts return. Waylaid by unseasonable weather in the Sea of Blood and bad directions from a wandering kender, the party gathers around the finest spiced potatoes to bring you the best of Dragonlance.

In this episode, Chuck asks for the best ‘fist-pumps’ of the Dragonlance book line, asking each host to share those edge-of-your-seat, jump-for-joy moments that only a fellow fan can understand.

Connie relates her first foray into Dragonlance, Weldon shows his devotion to collection other language editions of our favourite novel line (but that Dracononian version of ‘The Dark Queen’ eludes him yet), and Chuck reskins ‘Godzilla’ for Krynn.

So saddle up for the Year of Dragonlance and enjoy the ride.

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon & Connie.

Episode 73: Nexus – Days of Future Past

Hey True Believers!

This episode explores the past and future of the Dragonlance Nexus, with Trampas outlining his vision for the new site and the exciting stuff the horde of Tinker Gnomes have been working on behind the scenes (by ‘horde of Tinker Gnomes’, we mean ‘Trampas in his spare time’).

Weldon and Adrian reflect on what brought them into Dragonlance, and the hosts discuss their thoughts on digital releases for gaming titles.

Links referred to in this episode:

See you all in thirty for an action-packed Episode 74!

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon & Adrian

Dragonlance Canticle #72 – The Golden Age of Dragonlance

This is Madness!

No! This. Is. The Year of Dragonlance!

In this action-packed episode, we tackle the era Trampas calls ‘The Golden Age of Dragonlance’ – the 3.5 D&D products produced by Sovereign Press and Margaret Weis Productions. We pick over the product list, pointing out the highs and lows of this era, and compare the releases to earlier eras.

And… Driving with Dragonhelm provides an RPG review from GenCon.

Links discussed in the show include:
Tabitha Lyons Cosplay
New Nexus 2.0
Dragonlance Legacy Facebook page

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon, Tristan, John & Adrian

Dragonlance Canticle #71 – The Year in Review

Just when you thought we couldn’t fit more content into an episode, the hosts look back over the year and give commentary on the geeky highlights. The discussion ranges over:
 – RPGs (Song of Ice and Fire, 13th Age, and Lamentations of the Flame Princess)
 – Movies (Star Trek: Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel)
 – TV series (Sleepy Hollow, Game of Thrones)
 – Books (the Dresden Files and The Companions) and
 – Youtube channels (Geek & Sundry, Crash Course).
The episode ends with the hosts revealing their anticipated highlights of 2014.
A Happy New Year from all the crew at the Dragonlance Canticle!  Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you all next year.
Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, and Tristan.

Dragonlance Canticle #70 – Classic Era RPG Products

After a detour about the nature of the American accent, the Canticle Crew continue the comparative discussion about Dragonlance products through the ages.
They turn their attention to the RPG line during the AD&D era, uncovering artefacts such as the ‘Tales of the Lance’ boxed set, ‘Flint’s Axe’, ‘Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn’, ‘Oak Lords’, and the ever-challenging ‘Gnomes 100/Dragons 0’.

With honourable mentions during the banter Tristan discusses the ‘Song of Ice and Fire‘ RPG from Green Ronin, Weldon’s Ansalon Globe Project, Connie’s GenCon recap, Chuck’s growing obsession with ‘Star Trek Attack Wing‘, and Trampas unveils both the new Taladas website  and the new podcast ‘No Baggage Attached‘ (coming soon!).

And they manage to fit all this into one episode!

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon, Connie, and Tristan.

Dragonlance Canticle #69 – The Horror! The Horror!

In this episode, our spirit guides take us on a tour of horror in gaming and how to evoke this most delicate of genres in your game.  They also prove that there is more to Dragonlance horror than bored Kender, and then dissect our first live play.There should be something to whet the appetites of anyone seeking to add a dash of horror to their game in time for Halloween (and beyond).

The links mentioned in the show are:

The Book of Unremitting Horror (Pelgrane Press)
(Reader discretion is advised)

Notable kickstarter projects:

Bones 2

Dragon Kings (not to be confused with the Dark Sun supplement)

Ghosts: Trampas, Chuck, Tristan, Weldon, & Connie.

Dragonlance Canticle #68 – Women in Dragonlance (Part Two)

Rejoice! Tinker Gnomes have discovered, and cobbled together, the fabled Part Two of Women in Dragonlance! Excavated from the depths of the logic engines of Mount Nevermind, this episode covers:

  • The portrayal of women in Dragonlance novels and art
  • How does (and should) Dragonlance handle sexism?
  • What types of female characters do we want to see in Dragonlance?
  • And Weldon gives us a new take on Raistlin’s Daughter…

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon, Connie, and Grace.

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