The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 8 – GenCon 2007 Part 1

In this episode the three of us, Tal, Dragonhelm, and Valharic talk about our GenCon experience. Originally this part of the show was suppose to be one third of the whole show, but we talked so much, our hour was up. So next week well have GenCon Part 2. Links below to things we talk about.

Valharic talked about:
GenCon 2007
Chris Pierson
Larry Elmore
Legends Map Pouch – Get it! It a work of art!!
Geeklabel party at the Hard Rock
Gaming with Jason Mardsen – So much fun. One of my best GenCon experiences ever!!

Talinthas talks about:
Tal and Weldon played in the Dwarven Depthes game. He played Tanis-half jerk face
Dragonlance Shirts – How do we get one??!!!
Tal heads over to the artists corral
Jason Engle
DL Trailer – So cool!! More to come later
Tal is jealous he didn’t get to play
Tal gets the Black Robed Raistlin miniature
More Art!! The Young Adult Dragonlance novels artists (Sorry con’t find a link)
Wayne Reynolds (WAR!)
Tal comes out of the closet about Raistlin
Drizzt Who?
The the legendary game of Talinlance – Purple and lavender dragonspawn. We don’t discriminate. 🙂

The Immortals by Tracy Hickman

Steve “Stan” Brown
Jason Engle sketchs some cool stuff for Tal
Nina Hess at Mirrorstone
Roger E. MooreA Stones Throw Awaythe first published Dragonlance story.
Dragons of Krynn
Best GenCon Evahr!!

Trampas talks about:
Started in St. Louis -Eastward Ho Dragonhelm!
Godzilla-lance – Let us never speak of Godzilla-Lance again
Pathfinder at Paizo – Goblins and Kobolds oh my!
GenCon is all about getting the swag!!
Which is the better book War of the Lance SB or Races of Ansalon?

Alright, it was Articblast I met on the forums!! Sorry I drew a blank when recording.

The Dragonlance Nexus won the ENnie for BEST FAN SITE!!!!
A lot of thanks you’s to a lot of poeple. 🙂

Fear the Boot
Have Games, Will Travel-Won best podcast
Yog Radio – Got the silver
Next year, hopefully the Canticle!

Killer Breakfast all-star cast.
Jason Mardsen – Yes he could play Tas in a live action movie but not a T-Rex.
Ed Greenwood – He is Elminster!
Gary Gygax
Tal plays LG characters because he likes to play fantasy – hehe.

Holy Cow! Our hour is up! Check back next week for Part 2 where we talk about D&D 4E and the Dagonlance Movie trailer premiere.

The Dragonlance Canticle SE – Gen Con Day 2

Just a quick little podacast. We got a lot of great material today that you will see in future episodes. 🙂

The Dragonlance Canticle SE – Gen Con Day 1

So here’s a short little summary of my day. Below are also linked some pictures I took. Enjoy!! 🙂

Margaret Weis Productions Pic 1

Margaret Weis Productions Pic 2

Margaret and Tracy

Larry Elmore and I

Gen Con Bound!

Gen Con begins this week (I’m officially on vacation on Tuesday, WooHoo!) and we plan on doing short little 10-15 minute podcasts to talk about each day, Thursday-Sunday.

So check back daily starting late Thursday night and we’ll have something for ya to listen to. 🙂

iTunes Minor Issues

I have been informed of a minor issue with iTunes that may or may not be related to ID3 tags. But I have also heard that this issue could be a know issue that apple needs to fix with iTunes. I noticed episode 5 had the wrong track number in it. So I’m pushing that episode 5 back down to see if this corrects the issue.

So those of you who are iTunes listeners may see episode 5 come up again. You can ignore it, if you wish. There is nothing new to it, I’m just trying to correct some background settings.

Bill aka Valharic

The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 7

We’re back, Woohoo! In this episode we chat with Chris Pierson, author of numerous Dragonlance books including Spirit of the Wind, The Kingpriest Trilogy, and most recently the Taladas Chronicles.

Also in this episode Trampas and I talk about Dragons of the Highlord Skies, Leaves III, meeting up at Gen Con, and a special event related to the forthcoming Dragonlance movie that will occur at Gen Con 2007.

Also a big congratulations to the Dragonlance Nexus for it’s nomination for Best Fan Website in the ENnie Awards.

…and here’s MWP new website that they are building,


See you again after Gen Con!!!

Ain’t No Cure for Those Summer Time Blues

Hey all, I know it’s been quiet from the Canticle lately and things have slowed down a bit. Just wanted to let you know we’re still here, things have just been really super busy for some of us this summer.

We’re working on Episode #7 now and should be out soon. Following that GenCon is coming up and Episode #8 will be a discussion about our adventures there. So relax, curl up with a good book (*Cough* Dragons of the Highlord Skies *Cough*) and enjoy the summertime and we’ll be back on a 2 episodes/month schedule after GenCon.

Long Live the Lance!
Bill aka Valharic

The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 6

At last, the promised episode about the Heroes of the Lance…well sort of.

As we began the disscusion of – if we could move beyond the HotL, they really became more of a springboard for us to say how we could move forward. Take a listen.

We open the show with a couple announcements about Leaves III and my left ear. The first half is about the HotL the second half is how we feel it should be done. Yes, we are chock-full of opinions on this.

What do you folks think? Can or will we ever move on? If so, how do you see it happening? Let us know either by leaving a comment or joining us for discussion on the Dragonlance forums.

Oh, and by the way, there must have been something in the water that night, because I make a couple of really bad joke. My apologies…well, not really. Enjoy!

The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 5

Go get Dragons of Time!

Geeklabel – Good People!

MWP Press Annoucement
GenCon Events for MWP and Tracy Hickman
Dragons of the Highlord Skies
Warrior’s Blood
Dragons of the Dwavens Depths – Paperback edition

ZigguratCon donation promo – By the guys at Fear the Boot

A fun interview with Clark Valentine – Clark contributed to the Legion of Steel in Knightly Orders of Ansalon and helped bring forth the new edition of the original modules in Dragons of Autumn. Thanks for your time Clark!

The Scapecast – Love that Crichton fella!

The Herald – a gnomish astrological observatoy, but who’s running it?

Dragonlance Adventures – One On One Gaming – One Dm, One Player

Review – Dragons of the Dwarven Depths

Next episode – Heroes of the Lance, we promise!!

The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 4

This episode is a discussion on the recent announcement that Wizards of the Coast has chosen to not renew the Dragonlance RPG license with Margaret Weis Production. I know, I know, we mentioned in episode 3 that this would be about the Heroes of the Lance, but with this recent development we felt we needed to address that instead. We’ll come back to the Heroes in a later episode.

In this episode you’ll hear what this means for MWP and the fans. You’ll also here another part of Tal’s State of the Lance and Dragonalnce’s 5 year cycle. It put’s the recent events in perspective and shows that this is not the death knell for Dragonlance. We then move on and talk about we as fans can do to keep Dragonlance alive. This episode is focused on the gaming license but it’s chock full of history of Dragonlnace’s history as a product. Enjoy!

Long Live the Lance!

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