The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 14-Cam Banks and The Sellsword

In this episode Trampas, Tal, and I sit down with Cam Banks, managing editor for Margaret Weis Productions and discuss the recently released novel The Sellsword. In addition to that we talk about his writing process and publishing a novel for Wizards of the Coast.

The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 13 – Roger E. Moore

Hey all you loyal Lancers, Episode 13 is ready to go and chuck full of information for your listening pleasure.

What we Know about Dragons of the Hourglass Mage
Goodbye Gary Gygax

The Signal

Sages of Krynn

GeekRadio Daily

Roger E. Moore Interview with Talinthas
Trampas’s Fear the Con Review

The Immortals

Trivia Answer
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Good Journey Gary…

Gary Gygax, the father of Dungeons & Dragons past away today. My heart goes out to his family and friends and wish him the best. As a fan of the Greyhawk setting and to put it in gaming terms, the land of Oerth is a little sadder today, I know Gary is up there with the Gods of Greyhawk today.

Rest in peace Gary.

Valharic aka
Viconte 19th Human Level Cleric of Heironeous
Mordarby 16th level Human Wizard of Boccob
Raph 11th level Halfling Druid of Beory
Bazzerak 12th Dwarven Barbarian/Fighter

The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 12 – The Movie Discussion

Trampas, Tal, and myself discuss our thoughts about the movie. You could even say it’s our version of the Towers of High Sorcery movie review. Take a listen and find out why.

The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 11 – Stan Brown Interview

Alright back from the holiday hiatus. We’ve got an interview with Stan Brown author of the Dragonlance Young Readers Novel Dragon Day. But before that we catch up on a few items.

  • Buying DL products from MWP comes to an end in March
  • Oh yeah, there’s this movie coming out on DVD on Tuesday, January 15th. You may have heard of it. Titled Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight.
  • Trampas got a D&D 4th Ed Preview book for Races and Classes
  • We talk about the Tiefling and Gnome roles in 4th ed. Here’s the fun little video about them. Also here’s the Beholder video.
  • We also speculate what things in 4th ed. they “borrowed” from Dragonlance and what things may work in Dragonlance.
  • I’m guessing Orcus (a classic D&D Demon Prince) will be a diety in 4th Ed. and here’s a couple of pictures of a possible Colossal Miniature that may come out in 2008.
    Pic 1
    Pic 2
  • …and now on with the interview with Stan Brown

    The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 10 – James Lowder interview

    Welcome back to another episode of the Dragonlance Canticle. Today we have a discussion/interview with James Lowder author of Knight of the Black Rose and Spectre of the Black Rose. First a few notes from the show opening

    Dragons of the Highlord Skies
    Dragonlance movie trailer premiere (it’s on the official movie site, but we have linked it to our website also)
    Jamie Chambers and Cam Banks interviewed on the latest episode of the Dragonhearth

    Now on with the James Lowder interview. Let me warn you, it’s a long show (oh the horror)…

    Weasel’s Luck
    Defenders of the Magic

    Harper’s series

    Ravenloft RPG and Ravenloft Novels
    Vampire of the Mist

    Mary Kirchoff

    Sithicus: The realm of Lord Soth in Ravenloft

    Dragon Magazine #351 – World Serpent Inn article (good article! Get it while you can!)

    A possible third book? Here’s to hoping!

    Vampiric Kender – When Black Roses Bloom

    Numerous work in other horror genre RPGs including:
    Vampire: The Masquerade
    All Flesh Must be Eaten

    Clark Ashton Smith
    The War Hound and the World’s Pain
    Polyhedron magazine

    Dead Alive – Also known as Braindead an early Peter Jackson movie for you Lord of the Ring fans.

    World War Z – by Max Brooks (Yes, Mel Brooks’ son)
    Zombies – a metaphor for social conformity? George Romero uses this well.

    Shadows Over Baker Street
    Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter
    Cthulhu – HP Lovecraft

    Greyhawk – is Ravenloft the plane that imprisons Tharizdun? We may never know what the dark powers are.

    Audition – a tough Japanese horror movie to watch. Be warned!
    Requiem for a Dream
    Carnival of Souls

    Dead Ale Wives reference

    Dario Argento

    Jean Ray – Ghouls On My Grave

    Anita Blake and Laurel K Hamilton

    James is currently working on a new trilogy with a working title called Ebonnachtthat will be published by Elder Signs Press. He’s hoping to have the first book out on by Gen Con 2008. The main character of the story makes an appearences on a number of short stories:
    Pulp Zombie: The Nght Chicago Died – Great story, by the way.
    The Unquiet Dreams of Cingris the Stout in Gaming Frontiers Magazine #2 and will hopefully see a reprinting of it sometime soon.

    He’s working on something for Paizo (Top Secret! Shh!)
    Paizo Planet Stories

    Announced here first!!
    James will be doing some work for Devil’s Due Publishing for the Wizards of the Coast comics. He can’t say anymore but he told us the Nexus will be very interested in it. Hmmmmm.

    Hobby Games: The 100 Best

    Ian Livingstone

    Axis and Allies

    Dragonlance Movie Trailer

    The rough cut Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight that premieried at Comic Con and subsequently shown at Gen Con and Dragon Con has been posted at the official Dragonlance movie site. it was also accomapanied by a statement by Paramount Pictures on the status of the final trailer. Below is the same trailer linked through Youtube.

    Elven Prayer Hymn

    This was posted at the official movie site for the Dragonlance movie today, thought I’d share. This is an elven prayer hymn that Tracy Hickman wrote and Carl Preusser set to music. It’s as beautiful as I remember it was at Gen Con.

    Enjoy. 🙂

    Dragonlance Canticle SE3 – DL Q&A Gen Con 2007

    On Friday, August 17 we had the opportunity to attend a Dragonlance Q&A session open to all. Talinthas brought recorder and held his arm up for at least an hour to get this recording. we present this to you.

    The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 9 – GenCon 2007 Part 2

    Here we go!! The talk about what we saw at the Dragons of Autumn Twilight Trailer Premiere. Warning – incessant fanboy discussion heard here. We are not responsible for our giddiness! You have been warned.

    Lazy show notes. I’ll post them tomorrow night. 🙂

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