Dragonlance Canticle #97: Legendary Villains Final Four

The team wrangles up the finalists for 2017’s Legendary Villains championship. Who of the four take their place as the most evil, dastardly and malevolent baddie to ever walk the face of Krynn? But wait, they’ll have to go up against Lord Soth to prove their chops. Take a listen to find out, fellow Lancers!

Hosts: Tristan, Ed, John, and Tim


    • Shaun on September 25, 2017 at 9:45 pm
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    Mina is purely the outcome or consequence of Takhisis’s manipulations. Although The Kingpriest did cause the most deaths due to the cataclysm, his goal or ultimate aim was to make the world a better place (by eliminating “evil” races, for example). He wanted to make the world pure or “good” by calling upon Paladine.
    Cyan Bloodbane and Fistandantilus are both acting only in their own self interests, which I think is more “evil” than the other two (depending on what your definition of evil is). They both have no qualms about sacrificing or killing other people to further their own dark ambitions.
    Cyan Bloodbanes actions are to do with revenge (on the elves), Fistandantilus’s goals are to live forever by becoming a god.
    If you look at their impact on Krynn, Cyan Bloodbanes effects on the forest (causing the nightmare) was much worse than the subtle actions of Fistandantilus.

    My vote goes with Cyan Bloodbane.

    Also, I laughed way too hard at “Fisty”

    • Matthew Taylor on December 9, 2017 at 7:34 am
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    I thought Cyan Bloodbane was a very strong contender for the finalist. He really was the only one that had his plan, evil or otherwise, come to fruition. He wasn’t alive at the point, but if he wasn’t slowly destroying the silvanesti elves they would have not let the minotaurs overtake Silvanost. Food for thought.

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