Dragonlance Canticle #78 – Dragonlance Legacy Panel and GenCon

Editor’s Note: This episode is a recording of the Dragonlance Legacy Panel at GenCon 2014, with an additional CosPlay interview. All of the audio was recorded by Tristan and after listening to it, I’m so grateful he did. The warmth, camaraderie, and family of the Dragonlance team is readily apparent and the ‘behind the scenes’ stories are brilliant. The audio has been cleaned up as best as we can, and the audience questions have been boosted so hopefully this will be a good experience.

Bear in mind though that a visual presentation accompanied this panel and we are obviously an audio medium. I don’t feel that reference to photos and images inhibit an understanding of the panel, but if any fans have images from this session, we’d be keen to explore a ‘visual companion’ to this episode.

As always, send your feedback to podcast@dlnexus.com.

Long live the Lance!

Host: Tristan


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    • Todd on April 20, 2015 at 8:00 pm
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    I hope this can be uploaded again. Audio stops about 11 minutes in. Really looking forward to listening 🙂

    1. Fixed!

      Sorry for the confusion.


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    • Matt on April 26, 2015 at 11:06 pm
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    I agree with Todd. Is this a Tristan debacle? Ha ha ha. Hope to hear it soon!

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    • adroc on April 27, 2015 at 3:08 am
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    so funny. tristan admits how bad he is at editing and this episode is released with abysmal editing. guys, listen to the pod before releasing content… remember that episode where they forgot to edit their bashing of fellow podcasters like the admittedly terrible podcast fear the boot. poor effort guys, worst since the horror episode.

    if the DLC is looking for ideas to help their podcast i would suggest pairing off and presenting various segment to be edited together later. for example- news segment with trist and tramp, book club talk with this guy and that girl (where a book is reviewed in a half hour with knowledge of said book so listeners can read along), campaign corner w/ monthly topic, how bout a 10 to 15 minute interview segment (not enough contacts? have a callin interview with fans about their dragon lance campaigns), have a notable geography section with two people describing a location in dragon lance, its historical significance, campaign interests, plot hooks, relevant characters in the area/dungeon/city,forest etc. a what if section where possible future storylines are considered and alternative ideas discussed. add clever intros to each segment and release it every month on a certain day (people like consistency).

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    • Magsman on April 27, 2015 at 10:53 pm
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    I’d go for a “Book of the Month” club. Post a schedule, far in advance, so folks could read a certain book. If be cool to listen to a 30 minute talk about it. I admit I’m unable to read a book a month (and I’m sure the Canticle peeps can not either), but I can read at least six a year. An hour ago I bought Knight of the Black Rose and Spectre of the Black Rose for $5 total, at a Half Price Books (yes, I know they’re Ravenloft). They had tons of DL books. Even my kids have purchased their own DL books in the past. They’d listen in.

    Once or twice a year schedule a “Gully Dwarf Stinker Tome”. Intended for the adventurous, this “tome” would be a second/bonus book scheduled within a month. The tome would be one of the universally panned books. After a discussion, maybe the tome would be found……less lame than previously thought. Don’t worry about hurting the tomes’ feelings. They already know who they are. ☺

  1. Guys, I appreciate the suggestions. Keep them coming, and we’ll see what we can work in. 🙂


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    • Charles on June 2, 2015 at 1:57 pm
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    My God! 30 YEARS!!!!

    Damn, but I’m old! (and fondly remember reading the Dragonlance books over and over again during my high school/early college years ^_^).

    Thanks for the great memories, DL Writers/Artists/Game creators ^_^

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