Dragonlance Canticle #77 – My Little Dragonlance

After an interesting diversion in which the hosts consider which pony they would be, the team addresses the topic of how to revitalise Dragonlance. Each host presents a plan for how to breathe new life into the setting and reinvigorate the product line. Parallels to other WotC game lines are made, and the hosts debate the viability of a new Dragonlance line (and what that would look like). Underpinning the discussion is the agreed notion that Dragonlance is ‘a tale of friendship set against the backdrop of war’.

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Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon, John, and Tristan.


  1. Instead of saying ‘No’, Dragonlance should probably take an approach closer to how Cubicle 7 was able to do with The Lord of the Rings and The One Ring product.

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    • Matt on March 3, 2015 at 2:55 am
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    I was just wondering what the DL nexus team thought about Dragon Age Inquisition. As far as story lines there is a definite of finding what is lost. The second thing is building relationships which is absolutely Dragonlance. Now with the graphics being what they
    are I can easily see a vision of what all of see of what Dragonlance could be…

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    • Bluehose on April 18, 2015 at 1:21 am
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    Great episode guys. First off i will say i agree with all your ideas on one level or another. I do like whay Tristan brought to the table by comparing the last portion of dragonlance having been made up of many newly formed states that inevitably will push for or be pushed into establishing themselves as a power in the world much like the late 19th century European Theater. I think that would be a very workable idea to do the time jump as outlined by trampas, but still stay recent enough to keep the past comfortably in reach for the older fanbase. I also would add, perhaps an aspect of this time period is we see a movement of people turning slightly away from the old gods and following Mina similar to what we saw in post-roman empire Europe. Hang with me a moment. The old gods find themselves becoming viewed as more like lesser dieties in service to Mina such as angels or saints, and as consequence, their power deminishes as people’s faith in them changes. This could easily bring them into conflict with man as they struggle for power even amoung mortals much less themselves. Another twist would be what if the old heroes start to become more deified in turn. You would then have old gods losing strength and new ones gaining power whether on purpose or not. Just some ideas i jave had rolling around in my head that i think would bw fun to play with. Thoughts?

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