Dragonlance Canticle #76 – Pet Peeves and things That Make You Go Arr!

Wherein we discuss things we don’t like or just flat-out annoy us about Dragonlance.

Dragonhelm takes off his diplomatic filter. Chuck cracks a smile. Can the end of the world be far behind?

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon, and John.


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    • Brett Deaton on December 24, 2014 at 8:50 am
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    Way to show how to stay positive while giving a critical analysis. There is a lot we can learn here on not just criticism, but approach. I absolutely love the idea of how to Tweek the Solomnic Civil War for the Rise of Solomnia Trilogy. There is a book called Brothers in Arms, by Courtney Bishop that would be a good example of how this kind of story could really work. http://www.amazon.com/Brothers-Arms-Courtney-Bishop/dp/1558020292

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    • Llewy on March 15, 2015 at 2:09 am
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    I’d just like to offer a little criticism for the podcast:

    I’m not sure if it is an iffy connection or an iffy mic, but in this episode I struggled to listen to Chuck speak. I have never really had this problem before, so I think it may be a technological issue. His voice seemed to bleed words together, kinda like a hill dwarf that has imbibed too much of Uncle Trapspringer’s Cold Medicine.

    Another thing.

    I think the biggest problem with Dragonlance has been the fandom. I don’t think Dalamar’s hair is a huge deal in the long run, in fact, it is expected when you have a shared universe – just look at comic books or even the narratives of daytime dramas. I can forgive a little inconsistency. I wish fans had not tried to reconcile each new edition with the minutia of the setting. Let Wizards be Wizards. Aren’t 5th age sorcerers really just wild mages (wizards) anyway? Why try to stuff Dragonlance into each new edition of D & D? Why not choose a game system that allows more freedom to tweak than D&D? Who cares if it is WotC; this is our game world and these are our gaming groups, correct?
    Honestly, playing Dragonlance with the Storyteller system from World of Darkness makes more sense for the setting than 3rd, 4th, and( to a lesser degree) 5th edition. Let’s see more of that.

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    • Zenaficus on March 19, 2015 at 3:27 pm
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    So catching up a bit as been busy with a new baby. This was a great episode. While I didn’t agree with all the criticisms, most are completely valid. Absolutely LOVE Trampa’s idea for a Knight’s Civil War post-Rise of Solamnia as you see Markham sink more and more into the evil Emperor sort of mode… oh and I think Chuck’s idea of the knights of Neraka aiding Markham is a brilliant stroke to boot. Especially if you can somehow work into them re-purposing themselves to one of the Evil Gods (honestly that was always a major complaint about 5th age was that the Knights of Neraka seem almost rudderless and random without Takhisis and thus are pointless now. Then having the law and order / this is the Empire Knights against the Huma Knights… sigh, so great. Any way, brilliant idea and one I would love to read.

    Never understood why WotC treats DL like its red-headed step child. Further, if they dislike it so, why not renew the license with Margaret’s company (which should never have been ended to begin with) and not only get some money but let someone else who loves the property spend their resources and keep it alive. Seems so illogical. The only thing that I hope they are not doing is what Chuck said, letting the old timers lose interest and make them go away by keeping it dead for a long time. I agree with Trampas in that not only is that super sad, but also I would add that its super lazy as well. In the space of an hr you guys came up with numerous ways to merge old and potentially new stories.

    I am a continuity buff as well, and I’m sorry, its not that hard. If a guy who has a whole other job besides writing can remember details of world, the authors writing should be able to keep it straight. Let alone the editors. Further, with the advent of wiki’s, the Lexicon, etc. its almost unforgivable at this point. The internet exists, freaking use it. Salvatore has constantly said he refers to fan wiki’s if he recall a particular point of detail, why is it so hard for others? Sadly, Niles is super-guilty of this as you guys said.

    I could go on and on, but I dont want to continue to bore with my rambling. I just want to reiterate how good an episode this was guys. Great job.

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