#124 – Tasslehoff’s Pouches of Everything, an Original 5th Edition Dragonlance Sourcebook

I recently discovered this podcast and have been listening to them since the beginning. Outside of an issue that prevents episodes 75 to 100 from playing, I am loving it! I’m re-reading the series now to get ready for the new books. I wish the podcast would come out more often. The Tasslehoff’s Pouches of Everything is amazing. I am planning to introduce my soon to be 9 year old son to D&D and Dragonlance soon and thought what better way than to run the original modules with the 5E setting. This will definitely help with that! Has anyone else done something similar -run the original DL modules with 5E rules? Any thoughts or advice? Please make more Canticle episodes!

Hi Chris! Glad you’re enjoying Tasslehoff’s Pouches of Everything! I wish you and your son luck!

We have recently recruited Meaghan to be our new producer to help us get content out faster and more regularly. She already has THREE episodes in the works!

So stay tuned! Good things are on the way.


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