#116 – The Upcoming Dragonlance Destinies Trilogy

I love it when Tracy or Margaret chime in! Amped up for the trilogy.

I didn’t realize there was a Patreon avenue. Give me a couple of days…I’ll send what I can!

Always nice hearing the Canticle!

A few comments regarding the trilogy.

1. The heroes of the lance returning makes sense from a commercial and marketing side as they are the brand, hopefully the trilogy can introduce us to new characters that we will get to love just as much and give the story a chance to spread its wings.

2. The core fan base has gotten older and with that our tastes and standards has changed, will we be as accepting of the new trilogy if we consider it to be just old ideas rehashed or sadly to say inferior to the originals.

3. The genre itself has changed, will the setting be allowed to evolve with the times or stay true to its 80’s roots.

I read my first DL story at 15 I’m 42 now, with time hopefully I’ve gotten more mature and wiser. I welcome a new trilogy however I’ve been bitten twice by the series, I’ll tread cautiously back into the setting.


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