Dragonlance Canticle #115 – What it Takes to Stream a Live D&D Game

Grab a warm beverage, find a comfy chair and join us by the fire. In this chat, Chuck interviews Atom from Wicked Studios LLC and our own Ed Mekeel to discuss what it takes to stream a live D&D game. Enjoy!


  1. In a DragonLance podcast about running streamed games, I’m surprised that no one thought to mention the stellar May Black Roses Bloom campaign streamed by Donathin Frye from 2018-2019. I’ve not experienced another campaign that so expertly captured the feeling of DragonLance while telling a new story with a captivating cast of characters from all over the spectrum of good and evil! Would love to hear you folks take a look in at the various Dragonlance shows and offer some reactions and opinions to their experiences!

  2. Can you guys throw up some links to these Dragonlance game streams?

  3. ooooh I’ve seen these guys before. I remember Will the DM.

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