#114 – New Trilogy Speculation

The book speculation: Join Chuck, John and Weldon as the wisdom of Zivilyn comes forth in this discussion on what could possibly be hidden in the new trilogy. Will it be dragons, elves, dwarves, kings and queens? Could it be an exploration of the new lands? What about a reboot? Continuation? John’s secret recipe of manly campfire cologne? We speculate the endless possibilities based on the information we know. It’s one wild ride of pure speculation and it feels so good.

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Hi folks, I was happy to find out about this podcast recently and have been catching up on shows. I really appreciate the content after thinking I was one of the only remaining Dragonlance fans for years now.

I just wanted to correct something Chuck mentioned in #114 about Sturm not being able to override command of the Crown Knights at the battle of the High Clerist Tower. Unless I’m mistaken he was given direct command over the Crown Knights by Lord Gunthar prior to sailing for Palanthas. This order was reinforced when Sturm’s trial result was overturned and he was able to wear his father’s armor again. So, I don’t believe holding back his group from the mistaken charge of Derek Crownguard could be prosecuted for disobeying orders.

On another small note, I don’t recall Sturm ever stating a desire to become a Knight of the Rose, just a Solamnic Knight.

Keep up the good podcasts, I’m looking forward to listening to them!


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