# 139 – “Dragonlance Miniatures”

Good things come in small, but expensive, packages. Join Meaghan, John, and Weldon as they discuss the miniature set released for Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen with tips on how you create your own minis on a budget as well as grow your collection.

Click the links below for more!

“Tasslehoff’s Pouches of Everything Revised” by the Dragonlance Nexus on the DM’s Guild

Dragonlance miniatures via the official store

Dragonlance miniatures sold individually

A tour of Joe Manganiello’s D&D Dungeon

Weldon’s list of Dragonlance minis including current price points (as of 3/11/23)

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Kansaldi Fire-Eyes on her red dragon
A greater death dragon (includes Lord Soth mini)
The Red Ruin on her dragonnel
A brick containing six regular booster packs and one super booster pack

Gargantuan Takhisis (a.k.a. Tiamat)

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