#133 – Dragonlance and D&D News from Wizards Presents 2022

Incredible Dragonlance news has been released, including more information about the upcoming adventure “Shadow of the Dragon Queen”, the board game “Warriors of Krynn”, special editions, digital bundles, and prices, as well as announcements for the wider D&D world! Click the links below for more information or to explore the Dragonlance Nexus!

Wizards Presents 2022 Recap

“What is Dragonlance?” by Mike Bernier

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You mentioned that it would be cool to have an x-wing type of game with dragons. There is/was. It’s called Attack wing (from Wizkids). It uses the same rules, tokens and dial as x-wing. Unfortunately the game discontinued some years ago. There was a starterset with three dragons. Some blister packs with more dragons and ground troops etc.

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