#128 – “Dragons of Spring Dawning”

“Winter Night” was always going to be a tough act to follow. Did Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman succeed with the third and final installment of the venerable Chronicles Trilogy? Chuck, John, Meaghan, and Trampas discuss Kitiara’s controversial leadership strategy, compare popular macguffins, wax philosophical about the meaning of death in fantasy fiction, and ask that age old question: what was Laurana THINKING???

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Thank you, i look forward to this podcast! I’m re-reading all the novels in anticipation of the new trilogy and just finished Spring Dawning so this was perfect timing. Keep up the great work!

Laurana’s reasoning was both understandable and fully justified since she had excellent reason to believe Kitiara was an honorable opponent who did not want to harm her based on her own prior dealings with Kitiara at the High Clerist’s Tower (where Kitiara had behaved in an honorable manner and had not tried to kill or capture her even when presented with the perfect opportunity to do so.) Who wouldn’t go to the person you loved if you believed they were dying and asking for you, and you also believed (for good reason) that you could safely go to them? You would have to have a heart of stone not to act as Laurana did in that situation.


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