#126 – Dragonlance and Spelljammer 5E confirmed!

Months of speculation has come to an end as today Wizards of the Coast announced the next two 5th Edition campaign settings: Dragonlance and Spelljammer! Join Meaghan and Trampas as they discuss the latest news and speculate on what it might mean for the future of Dragonlance. And join Trampas as he waxes nostalgic about classic Spelljammer and Meaghan silently laments that she’ll never get Planescape 5E.

Dragonlance Teaser Trailer Title
Dragonlance Teaser Trailer Title Screen

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Congrats Meghan on the new role as the Canticle podcast producer. I’ve recently discovered this podcast as I’ve been re-reading the novels and getting back into the setting with the new books coming out and I’m really enjoying them but always wished there wasn’t such a long wait between episodes. Hopefully you can help with releasing them more frequently. Love your insight on the setting as well. Cheers!

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