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For all of the Pathfinder fans out there, your wait is finally over! The Dragonlance Nexus is proud to present a project years in the making-a conversion of Dragonlance material to the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game system. In the links below, you will find rules for clerics of the Holy Orders of the Stars, Mystics, Kender, Tinker Gnomes, Minotaurs, and so much more! Dive in and please leave feedback for our team that worked on this project for over two years.

The full list of contributors follows (these are their screen names): Bong Bellowsmoke, Cam Banks, Dorgyn Angylaxe, Dragonhelm, Falconer, Henrad, jake, MagusInfinita, Pharathyse, rogue, Sallis the Silver Blaze, Spasseltock Nimblefingers, Steelwind, SuperBall, Tauren_Kai-Jere, Weldon Chen, and Wolf72.

A special thanks goes out to Tauren_Kai-Jere for organizing the process as the fearless leader, and to rogue and Superball for keeping the dream alive.

Pathfinder Races-Dragonlance Pathfinder Races

Pathfinder Classes-Dragonlance Pathfinder Classes

Pathfinder Knights of Solamnia-[PFCG] Knight of Solamnia Prestige Class V7

Pathfinder Wizards of High Sorcery-[PFCG] Wizard of High Sorcery Prestige Class V3

Pathfinder Knight of the Lily-[PFCG] Knight of the Lily Prestige Class V3

Pathfinder Knight of the Skull-[PFCG] Knight of the Skull Prestige Class V3

Pathfinder Knight of the Thorn-[PFCG] Knight of the Thorn Prestige Class V2

Pathfinder Steel Legionaire-[PFCG] Legion of Steel Prestige Class V2

Pathfinder Dragon Rider-[PFCG] Dragon Rider Prestige Class V3

Pathfinder Feats & Magic Items-Dragonlance Pathfinder FeatsMagic Items

Pathfinder Dragonlance Creatures-[PFCG] Creatures of Ansalon

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Ed “Rogue” Mekeel has been a fan of Dragonlance since 1993 and began his obsession with Dungeons and Dragons in 1991. He’s a communications professional, aspiring author, and a sarcastic goofball: not necessarily in that order. He’s worked as the Nexus’ social media chief since 2014 and is an active member of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast. He’s also especially thankful for his wife Summer, who tolerates his many expensive and time-consuming hobbies.
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  1. I have always been and always will be a fan of dragon-lance from when it first was published .. A big thankyou for all the work your team has put into converting DLC to pathfinder its always been my fav realm thank you

  2. Thank you guys!!
    As a DM, time is precious. You’ve saved me HOURS!!
    Thanks again!!

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