Palanthas Threatened By Contaminated Water Supply

by JOSHUASIGEP44, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Darkember 7, 426 AC

Palanthas – In what is the only reported water contamination case in recent memory the historic town of Palanthas has been devastated by an unknown harmful substance in the cities water supply.

Residents like Tomar Monahan have started spending large amounts of steel to dig their own private drinking well. Until that’s finished, he will haul water from a nearby pond rather than use the water supply from the city’s aqueducts. Many less fortunate residents are forced to make due best they can, by having Mishakal priests bless their drinking water.

Taverns have posted signs promising patrons that they do not use the town water. Palanthas residents complain of rashes and nausea and the contaminated water has been blamed for at least one citizen’s death. Some residents have elected to leave town rather than wait for the City Senate to work out the problem.

Since the last Night of the Eye, some 400 residents of the metropolitan city, Palanthas, have been affected. All residents are warned not to drink or cook with the water that comes from the city water supply because of its toxic qualities.

One recent study commissioned by the City Senate estimated it may take months for the water to purge itself of the toxicant. Foul play is suspected because the water problem seems to only be affecting Palanthas. Surrounding farm communities on the outskirts of Palanthas have not reported any symptoms or more importantly, deaths.

The city council has contracted members of the Tower of High Sorcery to help solve the ever growing problem. The mages arrived in the city one week past and have been unavailable for interviews, till today.

This reporter was able to locate one mage who was willing to comment, but wishes to remain nameless. “The citizens of Palanthas should be wary of water that smells of Pine tree needles.”

When asked what the contingent of mages planned to do about the problem the mage had little to say but parted with this information. “The easiest way to explain what we are going to attempt without going into any great detail is create a magical water filter system to reduce the level of harmful substances traveling through each of the water districts.”

If anyone displays the symptoms listed above please visit the head priestess, Jabkar Elizard, of the Mishakal temple.

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