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“We already control much of Ansalon, Your Majesty,” Ariakan protested, thinking that she implied fault with himself and his knights.

“And what of Taladas and the distant regions of this world?”

—The Dark Queen visits Ariakan, Dragons of Summer Flame.

Taladas is an entire continent within the Dragonlance® Saga that lies in the uncharted northern oceans of Krynn. For the most part unknown to the historians and conquerors of Ansalon, the secrets of Taladas are many.

This website provides the Dragonlance® fan with an opportunity to learn all about these mysterious lands. The introduction provides an overview to Taladas in the Fourth and previous Ages, and the Fifth Age of Krynn has been covered in great detail. In addition, there are guidelines for playing in Taladas using the Saga Dramatic Adventure Game, Dungeons & Dragons®, and the AD&D: Player’s Option roleplaying rules.

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