Chorane in the Fifth Age

Beyond Ice Wall: The Land of Burning Ice

Chorane, a place of myth and legend. For centuries, the legend of Chorane has drifted among the peoples of Ansalon. The elves call Chorane Arnkoeh’voniat, which means the southern land of ice and fire. The dwarves revile Chorane as the Theiwgak, the homeland of the Theiwar. As unbelievable as Taladas or the Dragon isles, everyone knows that nothing could exist in the frozen wastes beyond Ice Wall.

However, life does exist beneath, within, and above the layers of ice, rock, and fire. Chorane is a land in turmoil, a land besieged by fire and dragons, from below, from above, and from within. In Chorane, every day is a titanic struggle between the forces of chaos, the forces of oppression, the forces of evil, and the tattered remnants of hope and freedom that dwell within the rock. Amid the clash of light and darkness, set against the most extreme environs known to Krynn, the inhabitants of Chorane carry weave their own portion of the grand saga that is Dragonlance.

In the Fifth Age, in the Age of Mortals, the people of Chorane struggle to survive against looming forces. Dominated by the arrival of the white dragon Glacier, begeiged by the forces of Chaos, and torn by the differences that have seperated them since the first Cataclysm, Chorane is a land rich in turmoil and strife. For Chorane, now is the time for adventure, now is the time for heroes.

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