Open Submissions for Dragonlance 5E Adventures

Raistlin in Red Robes
Raistlin in Red Robes

If you’ve been paying attention over the past few months, the Dragonlance Nexus made great strides in converting our favorite setting into Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition. While we hope you’re happy with our work, it’s understood that there is a need to have a complete package containing all the information, in one simple document.

Enter Dragonlance 5E Adventures, the Nexus’ culmination of years of work in one easy to download pdf. While it’s not ready just yet, we want to offer all our fans a chance to impact the project. We have all the chunk and fluff for the book, no problem. What we need is art!

Dragonlance Art Submissions

Are you a fantasy artist? Do you perhaps know an up-and-coming fantasy artist that would like to submit their work to the Nexus? Awesome! Please spread the word! Our doors are open for all artists that would like to submit for the book with any number of Dragonlance-themed illustrations. The best ones will be used. The art can also be hosted in a gallery on our website if you so choose.

 All submissions need to be full-color, and scanned in high quality digital format JPEG photos, 300 DPI or higher. The art submissions should be of the following Dragonlance topics:

  • Dragonlance Landscapes (Any)
  • Dragonlance Magic Items
  • Dragonlance Monsters
  • Dragonlance Races
  • Dragonlance Religion
  • Dark Knights (Knights of Neraka/Takhisis)
  • Knights of Solamnia
  • Legion of Steel

Submissions will be open from February 8-20, 2021. Please submit your art through our Contact page. We’re looking forward to highlighting your work!


The Dragonlance Nexus is a fan site that abides by Wizards of the Coast’s fan site policy. As such, we are legally unable monetize on any Dragonlance content. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay artists for their work. We will however attribute all art to your byline or artist tag, and make sure you’re recognized on the Nexus.

About Ed Mekeel

Ed “Rogue” Mekeel has been a fan of Dragonlance since 1993 and began his obsession with Dungeons and Dragons in 1991. He’s a communications professional, aspiring author, and a sarcastic goofball: not necessarily in that order. He’s worked as the Nexus’ social media chief since 2014 and is an active member of the Dragonlance Canticle podcast. He’s also especially thankful for his wife Summer, who tolerates his many expensive and time-consuming hobbies.
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  1. Hi. I’ve been drawing DL landscapes, maps and battlemaps for quite some time now, sharing them in a few of the DL-themed Facebook pages and in the Nexus forums. You can find them in my Deviantart page and pick any or none of them freely. I’d love to see fan work shared with everyone, so go ahead.

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