Ogres use the base ogre from p. 220 of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary and the rules for adding class levels on p. 296 – 297 of the same book except as follows:
Languages: Ogres begin playing speaking Common and Ogre. Ogres with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Goblin, High Ogre, and Kothian.

Half-ogres have all of the half-ogre racial traits listed in Chapter Eight of Races of Ansalon.

Irda (and Nzunta) are humanoid creatures with the shapechanger subtype that have all of the irda racial traits listed in Chapter Eight of Races of Ansalon except as follows:
+2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma: Irda have maintained the strong presence and intellectual gifts of their high ogre ancestors.
Improved Greater Change Shape: As a supernatural ability irda can an assume the appearance of a Small, Medium or Large humanoid or monstrous humanoid as per the alter self spell, save that it does not adjust the irda’s ability scores.

Mischta have all of the irda racial traits listed above except as follows:
+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma: The devout faith and humble spirituality of the mischta has had a lasting effect on their race.
No Arcane Gift: The mischta have no spell-like abilities.
Moon-Blessed Alternate Form: Mischta may only assume one other form, chosen at 1st level. This form may be any Small, Medium, or Large humanoid or monstrous humanoid and is otherwise identical to an irda’s Improved Greater Change Shape supernatural abilitiy. If a mischta spends one week in practice under the light of Solinari, they may replace their old alternate form with a new one and retains the use of this form until they spend one week in practice to learn another.

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