Oathsworn of Shinare

Prerequisite: Avenger; oath of enmity power; must worship Shinare.

The Oathsworn of Shinare is a sect of avengers who keep the swearing of oaths and the signing of contracts as the central part of their religious practices.  So powerful is their belief in the importance of oaths that the Oathsworn’s oaths carry with them the power of Shinare.

Oathsworn are often utilized to hunt down oath breakers, confidence tricksters, and swindlers.  They work to exact vengeance on those who would bend contracts and oaths for their own personal gain.

Oathsworn can be found in secret temples and monasteries of Shinare throughout Ansalon.  They often work independently of Shinare’s Holy Order, though they have been known from time to time to team up with Shinare’s clerics and Coinswords.


  • Oathsworn paragon path, Player’s Handbook 2

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