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Art & Writing Contest Results!
After a long judging process and several tie-breaking votes, the judges have finally declared the winners in the Dragonlance.com Fan Art & Writing Contest. Congratulations goes out to Jayra and her short story “Death of a Dragon” and Joni for her drawing of an “Elven Princess & Horse”, the first place winners. You can see the rest of the winners on the Winners page. Thank you to all who entered!

Merry Yule!
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse… Well, I suppose not, anyway. I’d like to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year. Also, a quick update: contest winners will be announced December 31; good luck to all who entered! And, finally, something to look forward to for the new year: we’re putting together a Dragonlance quiz, complete with a hall of fame for the highest scores. Look for that shortly after New Year’s!

The Grinch Comes to D&D
After making his way onto the big screen, the Grinch has finally managed to work his way into the D&D game as well. Download our newest adventure, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ in the Dragonlance.com Gaming section!

Wizards Staff Cut
It doesn’t look like it will be a very merry Christmas for a lot of people at Wizards of the Coast. According to Gamingreport.com and other sources, Hasbro (the parent company) has officially laid off over 150 and slashed budgets to 10% of their previous levels. Rumor has it that the president of WotC has resigned in disgust. We will have to wait and see what this means for the Dragonlance saga at large.

New Fan Art & Fiction Online
I added several new pieces of art and fiction to the site today. Judging is coming along somewhat slowly in the Art & Writing contest right now, so it may be a couple of days past our goal of December 15 to announce the winners, but we hope to do that as soon as possible.

D&D Movie Review
Unless you’re a VIP and invited to the premiere of the D&D movie, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what all the hype has been about. Of course, if you do know somebody, you might get lucky and get to see the movie early… and we just so happen to know someone like that. If you’re intersted, you may want to read a review of the film! (And don’t worry – no real spoilers here!)

Player Races Back Up
The Player Races page is back online. I changed some things around in the database and forgot to make one of the changes online as well, so the page started generating errors. Everything should be fine now.

D&D Movie This Friday
What are you doing this Friday evening? If you live in the USA, you may want to make a point of checking out the premiere of the Dungeons & Dragons movie at your local theater on December 8! See your local paper for showtimes and listings or check out DNDMovie.com for more information, and some cool features leading up to the release.

Art & Writing Contest Closed
The Dragonlance.com Art & Writing contest is now officially closed. Thanks to all of you who submitted your material to the contest! I do have a few more things in my inbox that I have yet to post on the site, but just about everything is online. Judging will hopefully be finished by December 15, but it may take our staff a couple of extra days to get everything in. Winners will be contacted via email. Good luck!

Dalamar the Dark
Ever wonder what happened to the famous apprentice of Raistlin Majere, Dalamar? Now you can read all about this elf in a novel entitled Dalamar the Dark, written by Nancy V. Berberick. While not published yet, the books is scheduled to be released in January 2000.

Dragons of a Lost Star Preview
Want to get a short preview of the next installment of the War of Souls series? To do so, you need to be on the Tracy Hickman Mailing List — he was kind enough to treat us to a short preview of the first chapter of Dragons of a Lost Star. If you want to read it, but didn’t get the email, you can log into the system and check the “archive”. Look under issue 48.

More Art & Fiction Online
The next installment of fan writing & artwork submitted for the contest is online. The deadline is Thursday night at midnight GMT, so make sure to get your entries in if you are still interested in participating! Good luck to everyone who has submitted their work so far!

Margaret Weis Interview Online
Dragonlance.com just conducted an interview with infamous Dragonlance author Margaret Weis. We asked the fans to contribute questions about her new book, Draconian Measures, and about any of her other projects. You will find the answers to those questions and more right here.

DL Quiz Results
Point results from last night’s Dragonlance quiz… Once again, our quizmaster Silveran demonstrated his ability to beat the contestants by completely stumping them on half of his 30 questions! I took home second place with 1/3 of the other answers and our very own Sara Dunstan finished third. Look for announcements about another quiz in the (hopefully) near future!

Another Live Dragonlance Quiz!
This Sunday, November 19th, at 8:30pm EST a dragonlance quiz will be hosted by Silveran in the dragonlance.com chatroom. For additional information on the chatroom and your specific time zone, click here.

Two Full-Length Stories Online
This afternoon I added two full-length stories to the Fan Writing section. The first is called ‘Voeux’ and is in French, and the other is called ‘The Dragon’s Son’ and is arguably one of the longest submissions I have seen. In addition, I posted some more fan artwork — the competition in the Art contest is certainly heating up now!

On a related note, if you have submitted your work for the fan writing contest and you have not seen it online or gotten an email in regard to it, please re-submit your work as it may have been lost in the mail. Thanks!

Draconian Measures Now Available
The newest Dragonlance novel by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin, Draconian Measures, is now available. This novel is the sequel to the ever popular ‘Doom Brigade’ and picks up where Kang and the gang left off last time!

More Artwork Online
I got around to adding about five new pieces of artwork to the web site today. In addition to the new artwork, I also reworked the format of the section into a gallery format where you can view thumbnails of images by clicking on an artist’s name.

Contest Deadline Countdown
With Halloween over with and the site’s theme returned to normal, one question remains: have you submitted your material to the Dragonlance.com Art & Writing Contest yet? If not, the November 30 deadline is starting to creep closer. Make sure to get started on any submissions soon so that you can get them in on time!

D&D Movie Trailer Online
D&D Day is December 8… That’s the day that the Dungeons & Dragons movie comes out in theaters. If you can’t wait that long to get a taste of what’s in store for you (and if the footage they showed at GenCon wasn’t enough), you can download the movie trailer here.

Dragonlance.com Art & Writing Contest
Once again, Dragonlance.com is sponsoring an unofficial fan art & writing contest! If you are a writer or an artist and would like to submit your entry, please see the Contest Page! In other news, the latest issue of the excellent fan fiction magazine Gathering has been released. Check that out as well!

An Interview Opportunity
If you were able to interview the infamous Dragonlance author Margaret Weis, what questions would you ask? Well, we happen to know someone conducting an interview with Ms. Weis about the upcoming release of Draconian Measures (co-written with Don Perrin) and would like your input! If you have a question that you’re just dying to ask, see the Interview Questions page!

New NetPortals System
Want to start your very own ‘ring’ of sites? If so, you should check out the RPGC NetPortals. I did most of the programming myself, so if you’re unhappy with some of the other services out there, you might consider giving this one a look!

Fan Writing Online
Happy first day of Autumn! Of course, that’s not the only reason you should be happy – today I have manged to get all of the remaining fan writing submissions from the past month or so online. If you have previously submitted your work to the Fan Writing section and do not see it online, please resend it to us. Thanks!

New Submissions Online
A bunch of new fan artwork & fan writing submissions are online. I added about 10 new drawings to the fan art section of the site, as well as a very long piece of writing by Ryan Magus to the writing section. I hope to get the rest of our backlog of submissions online in the next few days, so please be patient!

Gaming Submissions, Anyone?
Calling all Dragonlance gamers! Do you have any material you’ve created for your own campaigns that you would like to share with the rest of Krynn (and the known world)? If so, you might consider submitting it to the Dragonlance.com Gaming section!

New Books & Free Stuff!
The newest Dragonlance book, “Children of the Plains”, is now available. The book is part of the new ‘barbarians’ series of novels. Also, those crazy people over at DnDMovie.com wanna pick your brain to find out what shows you watch, mags you read, and sites you surf… and they are willing to throw in a chance to win FOUR cool scifi movies on DVD for your trouble. So what are you waiting for?

Dragons of a Lost Star Cover Art
The Tracy Hickman mailing list announced today that the cover artwork for ‘Dragons of a Lost Star’ has been finalized. If you’re dying to see it, you can check it out here. Also, a note on the book’s entry on Amazon.com: it will not be released in 4-6 weeks, but is slated for April 2001. (See the New & Upcoming Releases page for more new books.)

New Books Online
I finally got the chance to sit down tonight and look up some of the new Dragonlance books that are either available now, or will be in the future. You can even pre-order ‘Dragons of a Lost Star’ already, if you’re that ambitious! See the New & Upcoming Releases page for the list.

The D&D Movie
According to the very cool people over at DND Movie.com, the film has been picked up by New Line Cinema for distribution in the U.S.A. The film is slated to be released before the year’s end (tentatively December 26). From the trailer I saw at GenCon, the film will certainly be worth the price of admission. Maybe if the D&D movie is successful we will finally see a Dragonlance movie in the works… Who knows?

The GenCon Report
I stopped in at GenCon 2000 today and saw some pretty cool stuff. Got a chance to flip through the D&D3E DM Guide, and saw the new Soverign Stone book by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman. I also watched a live interview they did with TNC TV; there was some guy also watching who was dressed as Raistlin — complete with white hair, Staff of Magius and gold contact lenses. I was also able to pick up a bruised and battered (but otherwise intact) copy of the 1987 Dragonlance Adventures book. All in all, a pretty cool trip.

D&D 3e: August 11, 2000
As many of you already know, the Dungeons & Dragons game has been completely revised in a third edition. The first of the new D&D 3e gaming books will be the Player’s Handbook, and will be published on the 11th of August. If you don’t have your copy yet, you might consider looking on the D&D 3e Page for links to buy these new source books.

DoFS Paperback: January 2001
Good news for those of you who have put off buying ‘Dragons of a Fallen Sun’ – the paperback version should be published sometime in January (later than we had first reported). The second book in the series, ‘Dragons of a Lost Star’, should be published in the spring of 2001.

The ‘Gathering’ E-Zine
Looking for another place to get your fan fiction or art published? The ‘Gathering’ is a Dragonlance-only e-zine that is released periodically and features the work of Dragonlance fans. Currently the editor is looking for a couple of submissions of work for the second issue. Deadline is August 12. See the Gathering Home Page for more information.

Welcome to the new Dragonlance.com
Finally, after a lot of work, the new version of Dragonlance.com is finally online and unveiled. You’ll notice a few new areas, and the rest of the site got a new look as well. Some sections are still under construction (notably the Products and Gaming areas), but we’re working on finishing those as soon as possible. If you have comments about the new look or anything else, let us know what you think!

Clandestine Circle Released
The newest Dragonlance novel, “The Clandestine Circle”, was just released this month. The book is the first in a new series, and this particular novel revolves around the story of a young knight in Sanction. Check it out!

More Fiction Posted
I finally found time today to get much of the fiction that had been previously submitted online. Sorry for the delay. There are about ten new submissions, so hopefully it will tide everyone over until the latest items are put online in the very near future. Thanks for your patience!

New Artwork Online
If you hadn’t already noticed, some new pieces of artwork have gone online. I also have a number of submissions for the Fiction area that need to be put online (and hopefully will be put online very soon). Sorry for not getting those up sooner!

Next Chat Scheduled!
The next Dragonlance.com quiz session will be held on Monday, May 29th at 8pm EST. The quiz will take place in the new Java chatrooms. Click here to log in, and then click the Chat Channels link to log into the system.

Jean Rabe Chat
Wizards of the Coast is holding a chat session with author Jean Rabe on Tuesday night. The chat is scheduled for 6-7 PM Pacific time. For more information, see the complete schedule.

Margaret Weis Chat!
Thanks to Gandalf for this one! TheOneRing.net is hosting a chat with bestselling Dragonlance author Margaret Weis. The chat time is scheduled for Wednesday, May 17 @ 8PM EST. Hope to see you there!

Discussion Forums Back Online
The discussion forums are back online. However, due to complications with the old server all login names and posts have been deleted. The new system will take some getting used to, but it’s still in development, so please bear with us! Thanks for your patience.

Discussion Forums Down
It appears that the server that the Discussion Forums are hosted on (5th.net) has gone down. No explanation has been provided for the outage; as soon as any information is released it will be posted here as to what has happened. Sorry — it looks as though you won’t be able to post for a day or two.

Final Stages of Beta 3
Dragonlance.com is entering the final stages of beta version 3.0. Currently, we’re re-working the site to provide much more information, specifically tailored to the Dragonlance fans. As a result, the April newsletter has been delayed, but we’ll try to get it out sometime in the very near future.

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon
For those of you old enough, you may remember the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon that was on Saturday mornings back in the 80s. Well, it appears that it’s back! Check your local listings and take a look at FOX network’s Saturday morning lineup for the series premiere this Saturday.

April Newsletter Out Soon
Issue number 8 of the semi-monthly Dragonlance.com Newsletter will be sent out in the next day or two. If you’re looking to subscribe, simply fill out the form below with your email address to sign up!

Server Move
The physical location of the Dragonlance.com server will change either Friday night or Saturday afternoon. A downtime of 2-3 hours is expected. What this means, though, is that the connection (and therefore the site) will be much faster after the move…

New Format in the Wings
Coming soon to a Dragonlance site near you: a new look and a new layout! We’re adding a couple of sections as well as reorganizing the site; look for the new look sometime in the next month or so.

Submissions Are Online
All of the artwork I have received up until Monday, March 20 is now online. The Fan Art section has also moved to the database format, so you will need to update your links to reflect the new system. Some good new material!

New Books & More to Come
I’ve posted a couple of new books in the Bookstore, including More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home. Right now I’m working on getting the unreleased material online as well. Also, I’m happy to report that the Quiz in the chatroom this afternoon was a success. (I even walked away with 2nd place.)

More Art & Writing Online
I finally managed to get several new pieces of art and a handful of fiction submissions online tonight. See the Fan Art and the Fan Fiction sections for more information.

Next Chat Session
The next scheduled Chat session/quiz is scheduled for Sunday, January 16 at 4pm EST. See the Chat page for more information. The newest Dragonlance book, Dalamar the Dark, is now available as well.

Music, Books & Contest Info
The newest Dragonlance novel, Dalamar the Dark, is now available! A new music section has been added, with original music. In addition, all the entries are in for the Art & Writing Contest. Good luck to all the entrants! (The results should be posted by the end of the month.) Also check out the new page design!

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