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Art & Writing Contest Final Deadline!
The final deadline for the Dragonlance.com Art & Writing Contest is tonight at midnight. Some of the newest entries will not be posted until after the deadline, but nothing will be accepted after 1999 is gone! And a Happy New Year to all!

New Submissions Online
The latest submissions for the Art & Writing Contest are online — is your entry in yet? The deadline is on the 31st, so make sure you get your entry in ASAP!

Community Pages
Thanks to our very own Sara, there is now a place for users of the Discussion Board to post some info about themselves, a picture and a quote or two. Check it out here.

Dragonlance.com Forums Online
After a brief hiatus, the Dragonlance.com Forums are back online! Current (old) members will have to re-register, but it only takes a minute.

A Merry Yule to You Too
Yes, the holiday season (Yule, on the 22nd) is even celebrated on Krynn–so what better way than to decorate? And there is more good news: it took a while, but I finally managed to get all of the 23 new submissions for the Art & Writing Contest online. In other news, check out the updated Reference section!

Contest Deadline Extended
The Dragonlance.com rt & Writing Contest final deadline has been extended until the end of the year. I am working on getting new submissions online; I hope to have everything finished this weekend. Speaking of writing, check out the First Chapter of Dragons of a Fallen Sun.

Dragons of a Fallen Sun
No, the book isn’t available yet (nor will it be until March). But if you want a short preview, you can check out the First Chapter now (available from Wizards.com).

Discussion Board News
The site went down today, as a result of the Discussion Board script crashing the server. It has been suspended indefenitely; please take a look at the Board’s Page for more detailed information. I hope to have a new message system available in the next couple of days.

More Art &Fiction Online
I have posted two new pieces of artwork and a new fan fiction submission tonight. I hope to get the rest of my backlog taken care of this weekend.

New Books Available
As you probably already know, the The Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles has finally been released by TSR (my copy is in the mail!). But did you know that Murder in Tarsis has also been published?

Annotated Chronicles Available!
The Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles has just been released by TSR and is now available! It contains new material and notes on the original Chronicles novels! Also take a look in the new Chatroom!

New Fan Art!
I’ve put a couple more pieces of artwork online today. I’m also working on a page highlighting the staff of Dragonlance.com.

Fan Art Online
All pieces of fan fiction & fan art I have are now online. There are a couple pieces that may have been misplaced under the pile of email I received lately; if you do not see yours online, please re-send it.

Fan Fiction Online
I’ve posted five more fan fiction stores online today (more fan art to come tomorrow).

New Artwork!
I’ve posted several new pictures in the Art Gallery… I also have a backlog of Fan Fiction submissions to take care of (this weekend!).

The Future of Dragonlance!
Wizards of the Coast has released a frequently asked questions about the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition. Check out an important excerpt about the Dragonlance Saga!

Chatrooms Coming Soon!
After a long wait, the Dragonlance Chat section is up. At this point, the chat will be through an IRC channel; things are still in the planning stages, so more details as they come.

New Design Changes
Notice anything different? I just put up a new page design; I think it makes the site easier to load. Enjoy.

Four More Stories
Several more works of fan fiction have come in; the four latest ones are now online in the Fan Fiction Gallery!

New Fan Fiction!
There are twelve (yes, that’s 12) new items of fan fiction that have been posted tonight. This is what happens when I get behind…

About Those Entries…
I have about 6 works of fiction and a couple more pictures to put online, and I will try to get around to them before the 31st–no promises, though!

New Contest Entries!
I’ve received 4 submissions to the art contest! I also clairified the rules a bit. In addition, the home page got a face lift.

Art & Writing Contest
Are you an author or an artist? Check out the Dragonlance Art & Writing contest–prizes for the best entries!

Bookstore Additions
Planescape books have been added to Paladin’s Bookstore–check them out!

More Webrings
Though it’s nothing major, Dragonlance.com has joined several more webrings.

New Fan Artwork
Several new pieces of fan art have been added to the newly remodeled fan art section.

New Fan Fiction
Another five new stories are posted in the recently redesigned Fan Fiction section. The new & improved Bookstore is also online.

DL Site Exchange
The Dragonlance Site Exchange, a Dragonlance-only banner network has become a part of Dragonlance.com. Have a DL site? Then sign up now!

Bookstore & Email
I’ve responded to about 40 emails today; hopefully all questions have been answered. I’m in the process of re-designing & expanding the bookstore; check that out hopefully sometime in the next day or two.

Legends of the Lance
Legends of the Lance volume 6 is online! Check it out at Wizards of the Coast!

5 New Stories
Submissions have been filling my inbox, so five new stories have been posted in the fan fiction section! In addition, part 3 of “Stranger of the Lance” is up.

New Dragonlance Artwork
A new painting has been submitted by William Teo! The Dragonlance Webring pages have also been re-worked.

River of Time
Yes, the long-awaited River of Time is now online! See the Dragonlance Reference section for details! Old Dragonlance.com newsletters are also online (see ‘More…’).

Minor Changes Made
Made a couple of minor changes today; among other things I responded to 20 emails (my ISP was down for a day or two). Still working on the River of Time… I’m hoping to finish by the end of this week.

New Look & New Books
The Siege of Mt. Nevermind is now available! Also, some changes have been made to the site to make it load faster (this is the last design change for a while — really).

New Books Search
A new search engine has been added to the Bookstore! In addition, some minor changes have been made to the entire site to enable it to be viewed correctly by some older browsers.

Dragonlance Reference
The ‘Gods of Krynn’ page was added to the reference section today. Work on the ‘River of Time’ is about 1/3 complete — expect it within the next week.

New Fan Fiction
Petor Wolfsbane has submitted a new story–Stranger of the Lance. Defenitely worth a look!

New Page Design
All the pages on the site have been slightly re-worked! The navigation bar on all pages has been moved to allow more room for other stuff! Sign up for the Newsletter below to keep up-to-date on all the details!

No Title
Redesigned the Images of the World gallery section.

No Title
Added a new story to the Fan Fiction page.

No Title
Added the Cities & Lands page to the Dragonlance Reference section. Added ‘background music’ to the site. Added the Last Update message to the home page.

No Title
Corrected a problem with the discussion board. Added a new picture by William Teo to the Fan Art section. Added a new story to the Fan Fiction section.

No Title
The World of Krynn has moved to Dragonlance.com! A number of sections have been pulled and are currently under revision.

No Title
Added several pieces of artwork to the Artwork page. Added four submissions to the Tales section.

No Title
Updated the look of the entire site.

No Title
Added the July 1999 calendar to the Calendar page. Updated the book of the week. Modified all the mailforms to include an email address for questions, comments, etc.

No Title
Added a list of Forgotten Realms novels (with links to purchase them) to the Bookstore.

No Title
Added Kiiri’s Battle to the Tales section. Updated the book of the week.

No Title
Changed the contents of the Art so that no TSR art is used (apologies to all the die-hard fans out there; I may resurrect it someday). Added the ‘Hot News’ ticker to the top of every page on the site. Changed the Main page, updating the layout and changing some graphics to make it load faster. Updated the book of the week.

No Title
Added the Suggested Reading List to the site. Added a link to purchase the Dragonlance Classics on the main page of the Bookstore.

No Title
Made slight modifications to the Main page.

No Title
Added new material to the Character Classes page. Added the voting links on the Main page. Reworked the appearance of the Characters page. Replaced the picture on the Main page. Updated the Book of the Week.

No Title
Added the June calendar to the calendar page.

No Title
Made minor corrections and changes to the Heroes & Villains section. Re-worked the entire Artwork section of the site to make it load faster and more reliably. Added a new story to the Fan Fiction page.

No Title
Changed the footer of every page on the site.

No Title
Results of the Art Contest are in! Updated the Book of the Week.

No Title
Updated the Book of the Week & added new entries to the Art Contest.

No Title
Updated the Book of the Week & added new entries to the Art Contest. Moved the bookstore from the /novels/ directory to the /bookstore/ directory.

No Title
Added new entries to the Art Contest page.

No Title
Updated the Book of the Week & added the May calendar. Updated the Legal Disclaimer to reflect some changes to the site.

No Title
Added the Character Classes section to the site. Redesigned the site to make it look more like the Main page and incorporate the search engine.

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