New Sect Claims Mysticism a Mental Discipline; Not Religious One.

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 5, 431 AC

Schallsea – A new sect has arisen on the island of Schallsea. This sect calling itself the Cult of Cognizance claims that mysticism is a discipline of the mind and has nothing to do with faith.

The leader of the Cult of Cognizance, First Mentor Macario Calixto was happy to explain his views on the true nature of mysticism when approached by the Herald.

“The Citadel considers my teachings heretical,” Calixto told the Herald. “They would have everyone believe that mysticism is a doctrine of faith; however, my studies and those of my students have shown that no such doctrine is necessary. Mysticism needs one thing only; the clear focus of the mortal mind. Create a strong enough psionic channel and there is no limit to what can be done with mysticism.”

“Mysticism is capable of so much more than we were ever led to believe. Its true potential was hidden from us; buried under theology and religious dogma. In order to achieve this potential one must divorce himself from the religious dogma the First Master instilled as the core of mysticism. Only by freeing one’s spirit can one hope to harness the awesome powers of the mind. I have learned to do this. I can help others learn to do so as well.”

According to sources obtained from the Citadel of Light, Calixto is a defrocked mystic who was discharged from his position as a teacher in the Mentalism Lyceum due to his insistence on sharing heretical teachings with his students which had been proscribed by the Citadel’s Ecumenical Council headed by Revered Master, Cassandra Renay. These sources claim that when he was defrocked, Calixto took close to two dozen followers with him; who were expelled from the Citadel at the same time.

As can be expected, the presence of this new school of thought has not sat well with the leadership of the Citadel of Light.

“Calixto’s teachings are blasphemous,” said Revered Master Cassandra Renay when asked to explain the reason Calixto and his followers were excommunicated.

“They dishonor not only the memory of Goldmoon, but her teachings as well,” she said. “These teachings fly in the face of all that she built and are dangerous. I have personally seen what happened when a mystic attempts to utilize his magic without a strong doctrine of inner faith, believing only in the supposed power of the mind. It is a breeding ground for chaos. What is intellect without the wisdom to use it? That is a lesson taught us by the First Master. There is no room at the Citadel for these teachings or those wishing to pursue them.”

As of this reporting, the Cult of Cognizance is planning to relocate to the town of Crossing and establish their first chapter house.

“We intend to bring the true power of mysticism to the entire world,” said Calixto. “No longer shall the powers of the mind, be shackled by the bonds of faith.”

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