Entrant in the 2011 Nexus Design-A-Villain Contest

Name: Myrrindara
Other Names: Myrrina (elf disguise), Minda (human disguise), Rinda (half-elf disguise); frequent other names, far too many to list individually
Birth Date: 287 AC
Distinguishing Features and Mannerisms: As a succubus, Myrrindara has all the standard characteristics of her species, inhuman beauty, wings, a tail, with burning black eyes and shimmering black hair, as well as skin of milky white, but she prefers to disguise herself as extremely beautiful mortal women to seduce and corrupt. She has three different disguises that she normally uses: a blonde human woman, an brunette elf of unknowable type, and a red headed half-elf, again of uncertain type. Myrrindara does use her shapechanging ability to assume other disguises as necessary, but prefers these three when putting a plan into action.

Myrrindara is polite and well-spoken. When interacting with others, she speaks with warm welcoming tones, to lull others into a false sense of security. She wears an amulet that masks her alignment, and also doesn’t show as magical to forms of detection. This amulet is also enchanted to change it’s appearance at Myrrindara’s command, though it must always resemble a piece of jewelry.

As a fiend of corruption, it is her goal to sew chaos by corrupting the good or the weak-minded in order to gain more power; however her ultimate goal is to assume a divine mantle by overthrowing one of her former mistresses, Jiathuli.

Wealth and Social Status: Myrrindara prefers not to stay in one place for too long, as it would be hazardous to her health. She is a very materialistic little thing, however. She has to have to finest of everything. The most posh of accommodations, preferably for nothing, though she will pay if absolutely necessary to keep her cover; the finest of clothing and jewelry; going to the trendiest of parties. She uses her charms to help keep her in her lifestyle, though she has very high standards of whom she prefers to associate with. She doesn’t like physically unattractive company. It reminds her of the demons she was ‘raised’ around. The succubus also prefers not to be around those with no financial means, as they are unable to keep up with her chosen lifestyle. She is careful enough to not draw too much attention to herself, but her actions to gain more power is noticed eventually, at which time she moves on to the next city and the next victim.

Bio: After living for nearly one hundred years in the Abyss, Myrrindara grew bored with the demons around her. It was always the same. They were constantly trying to outdo each other in an endless struggle for power, while continuously trying to break onto the Material Plane, known as Krynn. She served Jiathuli and Takhisis, more or less faithfully, before deciding to strike out on her own. She plotted and waited for decades, searching for just the right opportunity to make her escape. It came in the form of the Chaos War.

Seeing her chance, Myrrindara fled the Abyss through the Rift in the planes Chaos created and hid in the ruins of a small town. Over the years, she subtly influenced this or that individual towards a variety of ends. Some were driven to suicide, others were persuaded into murder, while yet others gave themselves to false deities, all to further her agenda: power enough to challenge Jiathuli. She still waits to openly oppose the Demigoddess of Deceit and is more than willing to expand her power base until she can make her bid for divinity. She learned to be as patient as the spiders her former mistress favors so much, and spreads her poison as she bides her time.

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