Moon Tracking Chart

The Moons of Magic

Since the dawn of Krynn’s creation, the gods of magic have orbited the world in the form of three moons. With every revolution, they exact the ebb and flow of unmatched arcane powers upon the inhabitants of the world, while maintaining a harmonic balance.

Each devotee of the Orders of High Sorcery draws their power from one of these moons of magic. The Wizards of White Moon are dedicated to the lunar god Solinari. The Wizards of Black Moon conclave devote themselves to the dark god Nuitari. While the Wizards of Red Moon work towards the unbiased dictates of the god Lunitari.

Location of the Moons

The initial location of the moons is determined by rolling 1d8 for each moon, and placing it on the indicated orbital track point.

Thereafter, advance the moons one orbital track point per game day, moving counter-clockwise, to keep track of their positions during the campaign. This enhances player immersion and verisimilitude, while also allowing your player characters an opportunity to plan for the changes that come with lunar cycles and alignment.

Moon Tracking Chart

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