Meet Gorath Snowhammer

A parchment was recently brought to me. It seems the far south is still full of interesting characters. Let me elaborate…

Dear Herald,

I know it’s been a little while since my last report but to be honest, there hasn’t been all that much to report about. Life in Ansalon moves on. Farmers tend to their fields, merchants sell their wares, mages struggle to survive in a world that is, well, uncomfortable in their presence, and knights of all colors fight for their causes.

However, I recently stumbled upon something, or rather someone very fascinating. As you know, I’ve spent much time in Tarsis lately, studying at the old Library of Khrystann. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. The old library is being abandoned and the countless books, scrolls, and maps moved to a new library.

In the interim, I’ve had some opportunity to explore the region and I must say that, in spite of the biting cold, the landscape here is absolutely amazing with snow-covered pine forests and flat tundra as far as the eye can see. There’s an air of tranquility here and it’s hard to grasp that fierce battles were fought here mere decades ago. Sure, the occasional skeleton is visible in the snow, holding some weapon as a reminder of what happened but it doesn’t mar the experience of nature ruling supreme in this region.

But I digress.

My report is about a smith I met in the small town of Frontier, virtually on the border of the vast Icereach. The smith’s name is Gorrath Snowhammer which is a fitting name to say the least. Gorrath hails from Thorbardin. Yes, a mountain dwarf who left the mighty dwarven kingdom.

As a smith, Gorrath serves an important role in the local community, forging various common tools for the villagers and weapons for the hunters and trackers. He is a generous man and more often than not, he gladly repairs broken tools for no charge and generally helps where he can, knowing that his fellow villagers would do the same for him.

Gorrath has a hobby. He makes armor out of the scales, hide, and bones of white dragons. According to many of his customers (all of which have the money to spend on such an exotic suit of armor) and Gorrath himself, the dragoncraft armor, which is what the dwarven smith calls it, grants its wearer added protection, especially against the cold elements. Of course the added protection and the status that follows with being able to afford dragoncraft armor makes these suits of armor rather expensive.

I’m sure you’re wondering how Gorrath acquires the materials needed to make these fascinating suits of armor. The answer is simple. He hunts the dragons. Gorrath has lived in the region for decades and he fought against the White Dragonarmy during the War of the Lance. He knows their strengths and weaknesses and how they think and he puts this knowledge to good use. I’ve seen some of the traps he’s designed and they are extremely effective.

Of course, Gorrath’s duties in the village mean that he can’t spend as much time in the wilderness as he might want to. Therefore he is more than willing to pay handsomely for the slaying of white dragons.

Gorrath’s home is a fascinating structure. On the outside, the structure appears to be a simple two-story building, built in the same fashion as the rest of the village, with the dwarf’s smithy attached to the building. The inside, however, is a virtual treasure trove for scholars and those who hunt dragons. The walls are packed with various trophies such as draconic skulls and weapons used to slay dragons. In one corner on the first floor stands a rack upon which is displayed the armor and uniform of Fristar Gnarsson, an infamous Highmaster in the White Dragonarmy. Gorrath claims he killed this man in combat and I believe him.

In addition to the many trophies, Gorrath’s dwelling is filled with all kinds of scholarly material on dragons, from charts and diagrams on dragon physiology through essays on dragon society to historical accounts of dragon activity in Ansalon. A true paradise for any scholar studying the mighty dragons.

I suspect that Gorrath’s activities include more than just skinning white dragons and creating dragoncraft armor and I intend to stay in Frontier for awhile. Hopefully I’ll find out more about this remarkable dwarf. What I find out (if anything however) is a topic for another report. Until then…

I remain your humble servant,

Kotallon Evesage

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